Best Ways to Decorate Your House – 2024 Guide


Moving into a new home can be very exciting when it comes to decoration. You will finally get the opportunity to be your own architect and arrange your living space the way you’ve always wanted. There is so much uncertainty in front of you, decisions that you have to define, trying to achieve perfect results. Now is the time to open Pinterest and find the most interesting ideas that will motivate and inspire you to achieve a beautiful decorative solution for your home. Maybe you are one of those who prefer a rustic style, or maybe modern design is your style of choice. Nevertheless, at key moments, you will probably need the help or advice of an expert that your interior designer can give you. While you are waiting for a meeting with him, you can take a look at the interior design tips that we have prepared for you.



When it comes to colors, the possibilities are limitless and leave you free to play with them the way you want. However, it would be good to match the colors with the style you have chosen and apply certain rules that have proven to be useful and most acceptable in practice.

Each room requires such a palette of colors that will give us a good feeling while we stay in it and do activities specific to those rooms. The living room, which will be used for everyday stay and guests reception, should by no means be monotonous and boring, but attractively arranged. Of course, that doesn’t mean strong and striking shades that will cause a headache, but a few well-combined colors for a more pleasant feeling. Wallpaper lovers can use them to decorate one or two walls for an even more beautiful effect.

The bedroom should exude warmth and therefore the color of the walls must rest your eyes. To achieve such an effect, we recommend painting the walls with pastel colors with a few interesting patterns. The same rules apply when it comes to the children’s room, all you have to do is match the shade with the child’s gender.



Choosing the right furniture is one of the key decorative moments. To make sure you choose a quality piece, you must first consider several factors. These factors include comfort, beautiful design, spaciousness, quality, pleasant materials, and long life.

When choosing furniture for the living room, you must first make sure of its comfort, which includes a practical backrest and a comfortable seat. Always prefer a wire core over a sponge. However, the most important element is the design that you can make unique with a good combination of different colors of a soft material, a combination of soft material and leather, or a simpler leather design that is beautiful enough without any additional details. Match the shape of the sofa with the shapes of other furniture that surrounds it. Don’t forget that you can make things more interesting by adding lazy bags, room swings, and a bunch of colorful pillows.

In the bedroom, allow yourself to play with styles. Let it be fashionable or vintage, depending on your affinities. Choose leather, silk, or wood and you won’t go wrong.



The possibilities for playing with details are endless. But keep in mind that details are an indispensable part of every beautifully decorated home because without them the atmosphere becomes cold and the space unfilled. Remember, the more details — the better.

Photos, plants, decorative pillows, perforated and ribbon curtains of unusual colors, scented candles, bookshelves, figurines, jewelry boxes, art paintings, a small cactus are just some of the inspiring ideas for decorating your living room.

The bathroom can also be very interestingly designed if you make a little effort. Fill the bathroom with small details that will delight guests and family. Put decorative and colorful towels and soaps in several places. Add a small green artificial plant and an air freshener. A basket filled with magazines is another interesting but also useful accessory.

The bedroom should be soft and fluffy. That impression of softness when you cover the bed with a big puffy blanket warms the atmosphere and draws out the feeling of peace within you. Make everything puffy, from carpets, blankets to pillows. A basket swing chair is a new and increasingly indispensable part of the bedroom or the terrace.

Floors and doors


Floors and doors may seem like a boring part of the arrangement, but they don’t have to be. It all depends on your creativity. Whether you choose darker or lighter floors, parquet, or granite tiles will depend exclusively on your affinities. The same goes for ceramics in the bathroom where matte variants exude elegance, while glossy granite variants exude exclusivity. However, for a decorative moment, it’s much more important what you will cover them with.

Don’t leave floors without carpets because you will surely drastically cool the atmosphere. Match the patterns on the carpets with the surrounding colors and shapes to make everything a perfect whole.

Door design can be varied and can combine different materials starting from wood, through the glass, aluminum, and PVC. These are the first things your guests will notice when visiting. One of the most popular models is the white lacquered door, often chosen because it gives the home a stylish look and elegance. BricoValera emphasizes their resistance and durability, but also the solid construction that provides sound insulation.



Different rooms require different types of lighting. The explanation is simple – when we read a book from the bed or when we take a shower, we need a brighter light, but we don’t want to strain our eyes while watching television or listening to relaxing music. You get the point, don’t you?

There are so many interesting ways to light up our living space. Place a strip of miniature LED bulbs in invisible places behind the lowered parts of the ceiling made of Knauf. This is just one of many modern solutions that can be very effective.

If you have decided on a rustic design, then you should reserve a few corners for vintage floor or table lamps that shine differently.

Discrete lighting above the bed when we don’t want to read but rest our eyes and don’t want to be in complete darkness.

Decorative lanterns, candlesticks, and scented candles on tables and shelves are always the perfect idea for a unique and beautiful look that leaves everyone speechless.

We hope that you’ll find inspiration in this guide for the perfect design of your new home. Have you already become impatient and can’t wait to move in?