Top 10 Famous Abstract Painting Compositions


Ever wanted an abstract painting in your home? If you prefer an art like this, we’ve got a treat for you. Below, there’s a list of top 10 abstract painting compositions, so let’s get right to it.

1. Fish Magic by Paul Klee


This is the mysterious dark-hued painting with terrestrial and aquatic creatures. Undoubtedly there are some profound meanings in this painting. I suppose every man will find his own meaning.

The masterpiece created in the best traditions of German romanticism – mixture of poetry, fantasy and practicality. The Fish Magic is more like a children’s game with markers than a painting.

Abstract Painting Kandinsky:

2. Moscow. Red Square by Wassily Kandinsky


Wassily Kandinsky loved his hometown Moscow very much. In this painting he depicted Moscow brightly, beautifully and uncommonly. Shapes and figures on the canvas, are nothing to do with reality, they are the product of the author’s imagination. However, if you take a closer look, you will find shapes of the Big Theatre and Red Square.

3. Circles in a Circle by Wassily Kandinsky


This painting he created in 1923, and it was the first masterpiece devoted only to circles. External black circle became a second frame of the painting, and this concentrated our attention on the circle’s cooperation. The harmony between colors, strict lines and circles can send us into trance and to the endless trip around our subconsciousness. This is like a gate to the world of fantasy and crazy endless abstractions. Are you really ready for a regular journey between beautiful fantastic worlds that creates your imagination? If yes, then buy this painting and fasten your seatbelt, you are on the way!

4. Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

This is one of the popular abstract painting compositions created by Kandinsky.  He believed that color is not just a picture, but a representation of a person’s soul. He was also a Synesthetic, and could see sounds and hear the color. If you look at this painting for a long time, you are going to be hypnotized. Very interesting combination of square and round forms with a rich palette are presented in this masterpiece. It will be perfect for meditation.

5. Abstract painting portrait – Senecio by Paul Klee


The combination of the human face and geometric forms – triangles and circles – pointing to the rich fantasy of the artist. The picture is unusual, and it’s very bright. Yellow and orange are good for calming the psyche.

This painting is typical for his style art work. Personally for me, it is the embodiment of African warmth and good mood. Especially it is glad to look at the painting during cold winter evenings, dreaming about future trips across warm countries.

6. Female Samurai Warrior – Gheorghe Virtosu


This one speaks for itself, and it’s so well-done that it give you a clear picture of what it is, but it’s so abstract and “weird” at the same time. Painted on a red background in a combination with blue, yellow, green and orange, as well as the black outlines, it’s a true masterpiece that many people find appealing even in 2024. Samurai warriors are cool, and their culture is amazing, so if you’re a fan then you should like this one a lot. The great thing about abstract paintings is that you can form your own meaning about it in your mind, and everybody perceives them differently.

7. Rhythm, Joy of Life – Robert Delaunay


We know that a lot of abstract paintings usually have a darker or deeper meaning, but it doesn’t always have to be like that, and Robert Dalaunay is here to prove it. This is a great painting that features a lot of bright and happy colors, and although we cannot really perceive it all the same, it’s obvious that the artist wanted to bring us joy when looking at it. Some say that it displays space and planets, as well as the moon, while others have a completely different meaning for it, saying that they view it as “visual music”. Either way, it’s a great painting, and it definitely reminds us of all the happy moments we had in life.

8. Untitled – Franz Kline


Here’s something for all of you who love mysteries and “weird-looking” paintings. This is a great example of a masterpiece that allows you to form your own perception of it in your mind. There are numerous theories about this one, but the most famous one is that it’s a part of space in which some kind of a chaos takes place. The yellow background makes it very pleasant to look at, while the black and red give it a great contrast and represent the “chaos” and the violent energy that lurks in space. The red color makes it more intense as well.

9. Tableau I – Piet Mondrian


Are you into straight lines and symmetrical shapes? Do you want to have a very confusing yet pleasant to look at picture framed in your home? If the answer is yes, take a look at this masterpiece. Many will say that there’s nothing special with this one, but according to theorists, Tableau has a much deeper meaning. According to them, this is the artist’s utopian vision of the world. This painting received a lot of attention, and we can see why. It fits great into the home of someone who appreciates fine abstract art.

10. Group X, Altarpiece – Hilma Af Klint


So take a look at this beauty. Even if you don’t understand what it means, it’s just a beautiful sight to look at. Once again, a lot of theories for this one, but you can perceive it however you like. This is one of those rare paintings that even though it’s abstract, you can appreciate the look of it without even understanding the slightest bit of what’s really going on behind the meaning of it. Hilma is a female artist that is very spiritual, and this can be easily seen from many of her paintings. The Group X, Altarpiece is a masterpiece.


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Without art, this world would never be the same, which is why we have to give our best to support those who bring such beauty to our eyes. Art is more than just aesthetics, art makes you think, and abstract paintings such as the ones we listed above can really ignite a lot of emotions in your heart.