Do you want a special present for your partner? Offer him a hand bracelet for men!

hand bracelet for men - Balisarda

If your partner’s birthday is approaching, whether you know him for just a couple of months or you are happily married for years, choosing the perfect present can prove to be difficult. It’s a well-known fact that men are harder to please when it comes to birthday gifts because they usually like to buy stuff themselves, whenever they need something. On the other hand, women always like to receive presents such as a huge bouquet of flowers, chocolates or jewelry. Actually, wait, jewelry is not only for women, as we live in a modern world.

Therefore, our recommendation would be to choose as a gift for your partner a hand bracelet for men. As you will see, they are actually not pieces of jewelry, but rather statements worn on the wrist. Even though you might think these accessories are only for women, and he will surely have the same prejudice, you have to see how a hand bracelet for men looks before actually giving a definitive opinion. If you choose to shop at Balisarda, you will discover a wide variety of products, each with its own model, color, and personality, but all very manly.

Here are just a few suggestions of hand bracelets for men, which are perfect to offer as a birthday present for your partner:

1. Faceted Black Onyx | Sterling Silver Bead | Black Gemstones on Black Cord

This unique accessory is made of black onyx beads, with one of the most elegant designs you could possibly imagine. It arrives in a beautiful pouch and wearing it will help your partner self-improve. Actually, the description on Balisarda’s website states: “This bracelet will give you the power to continue until you accomplish your goals”.

2. Men’s Sterling Silver Dragon Lock

Made of silver and representing two viserion dragons, this hand bracelet for men comes in a luxury box, which will protect it before opening. It will help its new owner reestablish peace and patience inside himself. Furthermore, its design could graphically be described as “badass”, which will surely draw attention in any possible circumstance.

hand bracelet for men – Balisarda

3. Grey Leopard Skin Jasper | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Grey Gemstones

As its name states, the Grey Leopard Skin Jasper model consists of small beads of grey leopard skin jasper and sterling silver marcasite elephants. It arrives in a luxury box and gives its owner new inspiration and material for self-improvement. Actually, wearing this hand bracelet for men will inspire three words: vitality, stability, and self-confidence.

4. Red Mixed Tiger Eye | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Multicolored Gemstones

Last but not least, the Red Mixed Tiger Eye model has an elegant brown color, reminding of both the wood, one of the strongest materials on Earth, and fine drinks. Arriving in a beautiful pouch, this unique hand bracelet for men offers protection and inspiration to its bearer, while the best motto describing it would be: “Providing motivation and helping you feel passionate and grounded”.

hand bracelet for men – Balisarda

In conclusion, if you want your man’s birthday to be unforgettable, offer him the most unique present he could ever imagine and make him feel strong, loved, and confident.