Dog Barking Silencers

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It is widely known that dogs are man’s best friend and everyone who owns a dog agrees with this. Dog owners describe their pets as someone they can always rely on to show them affection and console them if they need it. No matter how long you have disciplined your dog, you cannot always affect every part of their personality and behavior. Yes, you can train your dog not to chew your shoes or furniture, not to jump on your couch, but what about barking?

Barking is your dog’s way of communicating with you, to tell you what he or her needs and wants. But sometimes barking is purposeless and can disturb you as well as your neighbors. If you work from home you most certainly need peace and quiet, maybe you have an important exam coming up or you just need a good night sleep, thus dog barking can be an inconvenience. In addition, you can also have problems with your neighbors and in the worst case scenario; you will have to pay the fine for disturbing the peace in your neighborhood. There is no possible way to stop your dog from barking at the time you please.

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Today, there is a number of ways to train your dog to behave as you wish. Some of them are very cruel and inhuman such as beating your dog, yelling or even shocking him or her. Thankfully the new era and advancement of technology have brought us many different products and one of them is a device that will stop your dog from barking unnecessarily. Here are the top 12 best dog barking silencers. This list will help you find out more about the produces’ specifications and pick the one that is best for you. This is the list of silencers that use human methods to reduce your dog’s needless barking to a minimum.

You can choose from the vast amount of devices and pick the one you think it’s the best for you and your pet. You may choose a device that you can attach to the pet’s collar. This product identifies the movement of the dog’s vocal cords and produces the ultrasonic sound to divert the dog’s attention from barking.  If you work long hours at the office and you often leave your dog alone in the apartment for a long period of time, this product will guarantee that your dog will not disturb the whole building. On the other hand, there are devices that you can hang in your home or in your backyard. There are also hand-held mobile devices that are more suitable for dog trainers or veterinarians who often have to work with more than just one dog. All these devices produce the ultrasonic sound that distracts your dog, but they can also affect other dogs in its surroundings.

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If you don’t trust other dog owners or if you, like many people, have the crippling fear of dogs, you can use some of these devices to protect yourself while taking a walk, jogging, riding your bike or even camping and hiking. Since every dog is different, they each have their own personality (i.e. some are more aggressive than others); all these products operate on different sound levels, so you can find the one that doesn’t irritate your pet. These devices come in different shapes and colors so you can choose the one that will blend in your home’s decoration.

The goal of this type of device is to quickly and without any pain calm your dog and stop him from barking unnecessarily. Using some of these products will make your everyday life peaceful and your dog will be loved by all your neighbors.