Top 7 Dog Walking Essentials


When you’re a dog owner, it can seem like there’s a lot you need to remember. Whether it’s vet appointments or you have all the accessories you need or even having to learn new and interesting things about dogs in the world, there’s a variety of things you must keep track of and pay attention to as a dog owner.

One of the most important things you will do as a dog owner is walk your dog. Dogs need lots of exercise to stay healthy and active, so taking them for a walk every day is just one of the ways you can do that. It’s important that you have all the essentials you need when you take them on their walks. Here are some of the top dog-walking essentials every dog owner needs!

  • A good leash. A good leash is essential for taking your dog on a walk. Even if you plan on training your dog to walk with you without wearing a leash, it’s always good to have one on hand. Plus, you have to train them beforehand, so having a leash is always a good idea. It’s important to find the right leash that will help them stay on track with you. A quality dog collar and leash set will go a long way in your collection of dog-walking essentials.

  • A set of earth-friendly dog waste bags. When you’re walking your dog, there’s a big chance they’ll use the bathroom, and whether they do number one or number two, having a set of dog waste bags on hand for your walks is key. In fact, you can take it a step further and get earth-friendly dog waste bags, especially if you’re someone who likes to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. These dog bags will be great for collecting dog waste because they also are good for the environment.
  • A portable dog water bottle. Depending on the length of your walk, the temperature and your dog’s age and health, they might need to drink water more frequently. Bringing a portable dog bowl or even a portable water bottle with a dish attachment your dog can drink from will help them stay hydrated on your walk together.
    Make sure you have this before you take your dog out walking, as you don’t want to be halfway through a walk when you come to find out they are thirsty and need some water.


This will also prevent your dog from drinking the water out of the common bowls many businesses place outside their doors.

While those bowls are placed with the best of intentions, it’s also important to know that the water might be contaminated with bugs, runoff or even bacteria and germs from other dogs drinking from it. Keep your dog healthy by using a portable dog water bottle!

  • A dog collar that fits properly. Many dog owners outfit their dogs with collars that don’t fit properly. Because it’s imperative that your dog wear a tag holding all your contact information and their potential medical conditions, they should also be wearing a collar. This collar should fit snugly around their neck but be loose enough you can fit two fingers underneath it. This way, they won’t choke but their collar also won’t fall off. Use a silicone pet tag for easy maintenance, no rusting and no noise! Other tags are difficult to clean, can rust easily and make lots of noise if combined with other tags. Avoid the hassle and use silicone tags instead.
  • Dog shoes. Taking your dog out for walks in the winter or melting temperatures in the summertime? Depending on your location, the time of year and the weather, you’ll want to outfit your dog with dog shoes. These dog shoes help to protect their paws from blistering, melting or freezing during different weather patterns. Great for protecting them from rock salt during snow storms and hot cement in the summer, dog shoes are an essential for all dog owners. When deciding whether or not to use the dog shoes, keep this question in mind: If you wouldn’t be comfortable walking outside barefoot, then why should they?

  • Some delicious treats. Having treats on hand can be a great tool for getting your dog to listen, pay attention and behave while on walks. Whether you bring their favorite treats or you get a specific recipe for their walk, treats are a vital tool in training and general behavior. Use them to keep your dog from pulling on their leash while you walk, distract them from other dogs or reward them for listening to your commands. Treats can be a wonderful tool. If you’re worried about them ruining your dog’s dental health, consult with their vet to find the right treats or even create a homemade recipe for yourself.
  • Rain gear. If you don’t like walking around in the rain, why should your dog? Consider getting your dog a poncho or even an insulated harness to wear for when it rains or snows. This will help them feel more comfortable out in the elements. Since dogs aren’t like cats or humans who use indoor toilets, they’ll need to go outside. Regardless of the weather, unfortunately. When you’ve got rain gear for them, it can help them feel less skittish about going outside. Inclement weather gear for your pet is just one of the many essentials you’ll need to really help them stay healthy and safe on their walks.


Dogs have to go on walks daily. Since this is such an essential part of their lifestyle, you’ll need to have a few items on hand to ensure they stay safe and healthy on your walks with them.
Whether it’s a portable water bottle or a quality leash, these essentials will make your walks easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog.