Three Ways you can Download Facebook Videos – 2024 guide

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Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become the go-to social media platform for many years. The website made it easier for people to connect on the internet and get a glance at their closed one’s lives. Everyone had a Facebook profile, and tagging each other was fun. Facebook also paved the way for similar social media platforms where one could connect with their friends and family members. Facebook today has over two billion users and has gone through various changes. Earlier you could post pictures and status updates on your wall via Facebook. But since years of modification and a plethora of relevant features, Facebook has stood the test of time and has become a household name.

You can find a barrage of videos on Facebook. If you find a video that you want to download and do not know how to do so, go through the following article. You can save a video to watch later on the Facebook mobile app, but in order to download the video to your mobile device or laptop, you need to learn a few tricks.

Method 1: Downloading Facebook video to your computer

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The first step would be to visit the post that contains the video that you desire to download. Select the video and press on the right-click button. The dropdown will appear, and the last option on the tab would be Copy video URL at the current time. Click on this option, and the URL will be copied. Open a new tab and paste the URL on the search bar. You will have to make some modifications to the address. Change the www. to’. And then press the enter key. The video will appear, and the next step is to play the video. Press alt + cmd+ J to open the developer console option. The next step is to visit the inspect option by pressing the right-click button.

You can also click shift + cmd + C to do so. After this, click on the video so that a box appears on the screen. In the developer console, you will see a URL, copy that URL. Open another tab and paste the URL there. The video will open up, and you just have to the right click on the screen. Select save video as, and your video will be saved on your computer. This trick works well with google chrome and is suitable for other search engines as well.

Method 2: Downloading Facebook videos on Android device

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Open your Facebook account on your android smartphone via the mobile app. Select the video that you want to download. Click on the Share button on that video and copy the link. You will easily find the copy link option after hitting the share option. Go to the chrome app and visit On this site, you will come across a tab where you can paste the link. Paste your link there and click on the download option. You can select the downloaded video’s quality by tapping and holding on the button that reads quality. Then select the download link on the screen, and your video will start downloading. After the process, you can find the desired video in the download section of your smartphone.

Method 3: Downloading Facebook videos on an iPhone

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Visit your Facebook profile on your iPhone or iPad device via the mobile application. Choose the video that you want to save. Press the share button on that video and copy the link. You will quickly find the copy link option after pressing the share button. Go to the safari application and visit On this website, you will witness an option where you can paste the link. Paste your link there and hit the download button. You can change the downloaded video’s quality by clicking and holding on the button that reads quality. Choose between high definition and standard video type. Then click on the download button on your screen, and your video will start saving automatically. After this procedure, visit the camera roll application on the device, and you can view the video there.

Why do you need to download videos from Facebook?

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There can be many reasons why one chooses to download videos from Facebook to their smartphone or computer. Have you ever searched for an important video on every platform like YouTube, but you were unable to search the same. And then suddenly, one day, you view that video on Facebook. Now you are willing to download that video, but the application does not allow that. You can take help from the trick mentioned above. If you want to take a video from FB and upload it to your other social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can go ahead and download the same. Sometimes people stream live on their FB page and want that footage to upload it on their other accounts. Then the only option remaining is to download that video.

Due to various changes and modifications in the privacy policy of FB, downloading videos has been restricted. Earlier, one could download a video via a single touch. BUt various cases have been recorded where the privacy was violated by downloading a video from a page. People also indulge in reposting a video from some content creator and calling that video their work. To avoid such practices, FB decided to remove the download feature from the app. As data is of the utmost importance in the current period, its protection becomes essential.

In conclusion, you can download videos from FB via the techniques mentioned earlier, but make sure to follow the privacy guidelines and not misuse the contact. One can receive severe punishments if they are seen misusing someone’s original or private videos on the internet. Cybercrime laws are quite efficient and effective in modern times.

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