Why Should You Earn an ITIL 4 Certification – 2024 Guide 

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ITIL 4 certification is tailored to introduce individuals or enterprises to methods that will improve the delivery of quality services, especially in those organizations that are IT-enabled. The coursework is perfect with the inclusion of the updated developments within the ITIL framework. There are different training structures meant to cater to the different needs and requirements at an individual or enterprise level.

One of the major reasons for the global popularity of the ITIL course is the versatility it provides to its students. ITIL 4 is versatile in the sense that it is aware of the different requirements of different organizations and the training can be customized according to the specific needs. It is developed in a way that can easily adapt itself to work along with other methodologies like TOGAF, COBIT, or Six Sigma.

With the world getting increasingly virtual, ITIL 4 courses become even more important since it specifically train candidates to continually look to advance the method of creating, delivering and continually improving the end-to-end services of products that are tech-enabled.

What can one learn from the ITIL 4 certification?

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An ITIL 4 certification is meant to:

  • Introduce candidates to the basics of ITIL 4 structure.
  • Inform candidates how best to introduce ITIL structure to improve service management of IT sector.
  • Train individuals who work in organizations that have introduced ITIL in their service management.

The ITIL Foundation course will introduce individuals to:

  • The best method of creating value through the seamless work between the stakeholders and customers in order to develop products and services.
  • The essential methods of ITIL 4.
  • The four principles of Service Management.
  • Showcase ways in which various external factors can have impact on the four principles of Service Management.
  • Have a wider understanding and knowledge of the activities like Service Value Chain.
  • An introduction to the principles like DevOps, Lean, or Agile and how they are an important part of the service industry for delivering value.
  • Reinstate the values mentioned in the ITIL 4 through the ITIL practices while ensuring a steady development and expansion in the services and delivery of the organizations where ITIL is incorporated.
  • Understand the factors and objectives that need to be implemented for the perfect alignment of the guiding principles.
  • Get well acquainted with the concepts such as Basic Governance Structuring or modeling along with other concepts like Problem Management, Service Desk, Incident
  • Management, Change Enablement, Continual Improvement Practices, Service Level Management, and Service Request Management.

How is the ITIL training given?

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Usually, ITIL training goes on for three days after which the exam is conducted. Individuals can opt for self-study or any other format of training for the Foundation course. It is recommended that individuals take training from accredited ITIL instructors since that will provide them with insights into concepts of ITIL that they cannot get anywhere else.

Who can take the ITIL Foundation Exam?

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  • Business Managers
  • Project Managers
  • IT Professionals
  • Business Process Owners
  • IT Professionals in charge of other factors like product, service, digital, and development
    Professionals in ITSM or professionals interested in becoming ITSM Managers

Professionals who already have certificates in ITIL can also apply to get acquainted with the new ITIL version 4. Since there are no prerequisites for taking the ITIL Foundation course, anyone who has an interest in IT service management can take the exam, including students.

What is the format of the ITIL exam?

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The exam is in a multiple-choice question format. There are a total of 40 questions. One needs to get 26 questions correct for passing the exam, the pass percentage is 65%. The duration of the exam is 60 minutes. The exam is a closed book exam.

How can one prepare for the ITIL certification exam?

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There is a specific method known as the PDCA Cycle which can be adopted by any individual for a successful qualification of the exam. The PDCA Cycle stands for:

  • Planning: Make a comprehensive and achievable plan after giving the ITIL guide a read and then stick to the plan. Practice mock tests on the ITIL Foundation Exam to be better prepared.
  • Do: It is imperative that individuals follow the above-mentioned plan.
  • Check: Keep check on the progress you make and make necessary changes in the plan to work on the areas that need improvement.
  • Action: Just checking the areas of improvement and making note of it is not enough. One should be mindful of the places they need to work hard on and act on it by revising the sections again and again, retaking the tests where they have scored low and keep reviewing the progress made until one is confident that they can qualify the exam.

What privileges can one expect after qualifying the ITIL Foundation Course?

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On qualifying the ITIL Foundation Course, the candidate will be given a one-year subscription to My ITIL. This is an important resource to keep at hand for implementing the knowledge one has gained from qualifying the ITIL exam while finding ways to use the ITIL methods and innovations for the future. Along with that, one will get-

  • Subscriptions to various online materials to keep up to date with the ITIL methods which will help in individual progress.
  • White papers from exclusive sources.
  • Tools such as CDP which can help in planning ways of professional development.
  • A digital badge is awarded along with the ITIL qualification certificate which can help individuals to garner professional endorsements.

According to KnowledgeHut, ITIL 4 certification is a coveted certificate, making it one of the steppingstones for individuals who want to succeed in their professional careers. While the time to train oneself might seem short, it takes a long time to perfect the methodology. Therefore, it is important to give proper time to understand and get adept at ITIL 4 course. Lastly, getting an ITIL 4 certification will not just help you in improving your knowledge but it will also improve your chances of getting a job.