Electric Scooter As a Gift: Best Gift Ideas For Electric Scooter Lovers

Electric scooter lovers are people who are on their electric mobility scooters and prefer an active lifestyle. In addition to this, they need their vehicles to be equipped with the best possible features and accessories. Getting the perfect gift for an electric scooter lover can be quite challenging.

If you’re looking for some ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have explored the best products that are available on the market. So here we go with our gift guide! What could be the best gift for an electric scooter fan? Just see!

Electric scooter as a gift – when is it a good idea?

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Do you have a real electric scooter fan in your family or among friends? Maybe this person hasn’t bought his or her own vehicle yet and is still riding on rented e-scooters? Or just thinking about a new model, because something is wrong with the old one? That might be the right person to give an e-scooter as a gift to. What’s worth remembering before buying such a gift?

First of all, sometimes a gift card might be a better gift because it gives the e-scooter lover the freedom to choose. However, if you know the needs of this person well enough to choose his or her dream vehicle – it’s worth doing it! It’s always worth listening carefully to the person who wants a new electric scooter. Especially, when it comes to the needs or a lifestyle.

Does the person who is to receive a gift from us prefer something lighter, or maybe the weight of the e-scooter isn’t as important as, for example, the range is? On the market you’ll find a really large selection of electric scooters with different specifications.

It’s worth looking around in the offer available in online stores such as, for example, apolloscooters.co. However, if you would like to give something smaller to an electric scooter lover, who already has his own vehicle – check out our gift guide with 6 TOP ideas!

Electric scooter bags

These kinds of things are always a good idea because they’re very useful. The rider can attach an e-scooter bag to the stem and keep the most necessary things in it. In addition, many models of e-scooter bags are waterproof, which minimizes the risk of belongings getting wet. Things are safe and in sight.

Many models of electric scooter bags also have plenty of pockets, dividers, and even a key clip – keeping the rider’s things in an organized way while he or she is enjoying a hassle-free ride on an e-scooter. No more keeping things in pockets and risking losing something! It’s a brilliant gift idea – isn’t it?

Phone holder

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It’s just like that, sometimes you need to use GPS to get to your destination. Electric scooter enthusiasts often have to use navigation. But they definitely don’t have to do it while driving the electric scooter with one hand and holding the phone in the other.
That’s why it’s worth considering whether to give our electric scooter lover this type of a gift.

Not only is it very practical, it’ll undoubtedly have a positive effect on driving safety too. Phone holders have firm clamps and light construction, often made of aluminum. In addition, they can be easily adjusted or rotated depending on needs. Only benefits, right? What electric scooter lover wouldn’t like such a gift?

E-scooter shoulder strap

Another gift idea for an electric scooter lover is a carrying strap. That’s obvious – it’s impossible to get everywhere with an electric scooter, unfortunately. Sometimes there is a need to walk a bit, for example, up the stairs.

E-scooter shoulder strap makes that change much easier. It’s extremely simple. The electric scooter is attached to the strap on both sides and can be easily carried by the owner of the vehicle on the shoulder. We don’t know how about you, but we would be very happy with such a practical gift.

Protection against thieves

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Or maybe a gift that will be able to save electric scooter lovers from unpleasantness? There are many ways to protect e-scooters from theft available on the market. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look at one of them. Anti-theft alarm is a device that can make a lot of noise. In this way, it effectively scares away potential thieves. A small gadget that can do a lot!

Let’s pimp the electric scooter with stickers!

On the market you will find many interesting patterns of stickers for an electric scooter – in various sizes and shapes. That’s a great way to personalize a vehicle and make it unique. It’s worth finding stickers that best reflect the personality of the electric scooter lover you want to make happy.

Let there be light!

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Do you think we’ll offer you some ordinary additional lamps as a gift? Oh no, we have something much more epic! Have you ever heard about bottom LED strips? Their advantage isn’t only that they look cool and give the ability to change their color – first of all, they increase the rider’s safety.

Simply saying – they’re attached to the bottom of the scooter, thanks to it they illuminate the street and create a designer appearance of the scooter. That’s how our electric scooters lover will get 2 in 1 – safety and “wow” effect! If you’re looking for an original gift for your friends or for your kids, we would highly recommend you to take a look at the alternative and modern transport like electric scooters.

They are very convenient, especially if you live in a big city with a lot of traffic. However, if you are going to buy something smaller for the electric scooter lover… As a rule – the best gifts are practical. Therefore, it’s worth giving as gift things that are both – cool and useful. When it comes to electric scooters – you’ll surely find a lot of accessories that will be practical for an electric scooter owner! And they’ll certainly make him or her happy! And that’s what it’s all about.