Want to Enjoy Smooth Motocross Racing? Begin With These 8 Tips

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The motocross world is all about speed, thrill, and a lot of adventure. Whether riding on a fancy new bike or an old beast, you can leave your competition in the dust by applying some fundamental techniques, putting in some research, and maximizing your fitness. All these practices will end up making you a smooth motocross rider.

Motocross is one of the most popular off-road sports today. It may appear very messy from the outside. However, it is very organized. If you truly want to appreciate the adventure and be a part of it, you must prepare yourself to beat the odds. If you have never been to a race but love the idea of hitting the track on your dirt bike, these tips will prepare you for the best riding experience of your life.

1. Start Slow and Then Go Fast

Do not think that you will win your first race. So, stop trying hard and take it easy. Develop your motocross skills in the first few riding sessions, and then try to speed steadily. It is an important tip to follow if you are a beginner or your seat time on any off-road bike remains minimal.

Riding or racing beyond your potential will lead to crashes. Start racing inside your comfort zone. When you start slow and learn everything from scratch, you develop your strategy. It can help you with your riding in the long run.

2. Maintain your Energy Levels

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Motocross can be physically difficult and tiring. It includes all the endurance activities you need to go out of the way and use extra energy. You may not be able to perform well if you lack energy. It is good to eat and drink right before the sport.

No, you do not need to follow any complicated diet. Drink plenty of water, more than you think you should. Include a nutritious meal into your diet to fuel you while riding on tough terrains. Some of the quick meals you can include in your diet are peanut butter, cereals, energy bars, toast, fruits, salads, etc.

3. Fight Smarter Than Harder

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Many motocross racers spend their entire course worrying about who will pass them and when. You do not have to think about it unless there is someone on your bumper. The best advice is to devote your focus on keeping your elbows up, your weight in the right place, and your hand on the throttle.

Keep yourself ahead and give that time and energy to defensive rising rather than fighting harder with your competitors on the racing track.

4. Make Third Gear your Best Friend

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No doubt third gear is the best when it comes to motocross biking. It will give you more power and speed with half-throttle in comparison with full-throttle in second gear.

It would be best to stay in your third gear throughout riding the bike. You will also witness an increased speed in no time.

For any beginner, learning the clutch constitutes an essential part because it is used to change gears. As a new rider, you may find clutching a little challenging. But if you practice time and again, it becomes second nature. Dedicate a portion of your practice to use the clutch properly. You should know the right time to change gears while using this device.

Apart from helping you ride a bike smoothly, a clutch also aids in slowing it down, especially when you are using sharp and fast turns via downshifting. The skill is essential for slow-speed maneuvers in tight spaces.

5. Enrol into a Motorcycle Safety Course

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Many riders overlook the importance of safety while riding a dirt bike. As a beginner, you must realize that riding a bike and dirt bike are two different things, and your safety, in either case, remains supreme.

Many safety biking courses are organized by the riding institutes. We urge you to enrol in these courses and learn essential biking tips that not only help you enjoy your dirt biking experience but also keep you safe while you adventure on the muddy roads. At the end of some courses, you also become eligible for a motorcycle license class, enabling you to ride a street-legal dirt bike on public roads with a motorcycle license.

6. Practice the Controls Properly

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You must get familiar with the controls of the bike before getting on it, especially if you haven’t enrolled in a dirt bike safety course. Start with a complete gear shift practice while off the bike. Get acquainted with the position of neutral as it is the easiest way to get to it.

Skim through the process of clutch until you can use it comfortably. It is also good to familiarize yourself with any dashboard elements and the control panel to avoid confusion during your first time out.

7. Master Acceleration

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Throttle control constitutes a key part of clutching for a dirt biker. Without efficient throttle control, you could easily lead to an accident. Firstly, acceleration requires a firm grip as a loose grip may lead to lower response time when you want to speed up or slow down the bike immediately.

To master the art of acceleration, you may require a vast free space with no dangerous elements present around. Start by smooth acceleration and deceleration. It helps you in terms of throttle control. You can practice this in a park or ground.

8. A Flat Turn for Escape

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Flat turns constitute the bane of the existence of every motocross racer. It is convenient to slide out, even if the ground is dry or full of wet dirt.

If you use your weight and placement right, we promise you will end up keeping your throttle turned up. Thrust your body weight away from the bike so that you can provide a counterweight and stability. Try it out, and you will see what happens.


Whether it is a real race or adventure sport, do not forget to wear essential biking gear from MXstore before you set out on the road. The durable protection gear saves you from unwanted injuries and keeps you comfortable. Follow these tips and get going. All the best.