6 Stylish Ways to Wear Ankle Boots in 2024

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Fashion trends change every year and it really seems that nobody can really know what the next big thing is going to be until it starts happening. Following the celebrities and copying what they do or simply shopping for the newest items in stores both work. However, it hardly matters what is currently the most popular thing if you do not like it. Luckily, most fashion trends that favor both comfort and style end up being popular across the board, particularly with shoes. Clothing is more diverse than footwear in the sense that people usually own many more items of clothing that they do shoes.

Shoes and Fashion

One pair of shoes can do along with so many clothing combinations, but not every clothing combination can go with every type of shoe. However, footwear also comes in a huge variety of models, simply because it can. A sneaker is not always a sneaker, it definitely matters what kind of high heels you wear, and winter footwear ranges from light and stylish to heavy and durable. This often dictates the unwritten rule of people having at least a single pair of shoe forever occasion. From formal footwear for work and fancy parties to informal, leisure, and sporting pairs, there are numerous models to have.

Enter the Ankle Boot

Take the iconic ankle boot for example, the star of this article. It is a simple solution between a full boot that goes up the leg and sometimes over the knee, and a low shoe. However, it can be worn in so many ways and with so many combinations, especially when it comes to the ladies. Read on to find more about the most stylish ways to wear ankle boots in 2024. They are as popular as ever so make sure to get yourself a pair from https://www.repetto.com/en/women/women-shoes/boots-and-ankle-boots.html.

1. Mini Dress for a Cute Summer Look

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The fact that they are boots, as well as bulkier, does no longer mean you should only wear them in fall or early spring. Fashion has changed enough and incorporated all sorts of style combinations which means that you can now wear whatever you like whenever you like it. One of the trendier ways of wearing ankle boots in 2024 is to pair them with some summer staples like a (sleeved) mini dress. The bulkiness of the foots contrasts the petite nature and floral colors of summer dresses perfectly. Throw on a matching leather belt and a bag that complements the color/style of the boots and you have yourself a really fashionable outfit for the day.

2. With a Pair of Wide Jeans

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Wide jeans have made a huge comeback in 2024. The iconic look of the 1980s and 1990s is always welcome, especially when paired up with some dark, heeled ankle boots. If the jeans are slightly cropped in a ripped manner, even better. Expose the boot for some more fashion points and you will surely be the talk of the office. When it comes to other clothing items to go along the wide jeans and ankle boots, sweaters and coats work best, particularly tucked in, tighter sweaters and long cream and light brown coats.

3. Do not Be Afraid to Go Bright

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Ankle boots do not always have to be dark, bulky and military, nor too formal and heeled. There are numerous crosses now available that sport bright colors and flashy glossy leather patterns. Dresses and fun outfits work best with these vibrant ankle boots so have fun with it and step out of the basicness of regular footwear colors. Summer is the best time to do it when everything is colorful anyway so lighten up and try out something new this year.

4. Going Sporty

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The sporty elegant style has been dominant for more than a few years now. Combining fashion inspired hoodies, tracksuits, and sneakers with more formal items like coats, sweaters, and skirts was not really a thing a decade ago. Now, it is the go-to choice for anyone who wants to be both stylish and comfortable in every situation. Well, it is a good thing that ankle boot supports this idea quite a bit. If you want to give one of your casual sporty outfits some high-fashion twists, pick a pair of elegant ankle boots and steal the show away. Both heeled and flat are possible, military or sleek and smart. A jogger tracksuit set with a pair of ankle boots is the new way of combining sports and fashion. A walk down main road is enough to see just how popular the combo is.

5. Chunky Boots, Sheer Socks

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Combining chunkier and bulkier boots with sheer socks, either knee highs or leggings, will give you a warmer and comfier look when you still want to expose the legs with a skirt or a dress in colder months. Autumn is the best session for this look when you can combine oversized sweaters with miniskirts, or go with hoody dresses and over the knee socks with the bulkiest ankle boots you can find. It is a youthful look that can also be made semi-formal with the right pieces combined. Most importantly, it can never look preppy as it is rebellious and easy-going in its core.

6. Slim Boots with Oversized Sets

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Oversized suit sets that are made up of sporty jackets and shorts have been popular in recent years. They are sporty enough to be considered casual, but can also work in many formal attires particularly with a shirt. Well, you will enjoy knowing that a pair of slim ankle boots does wonders for this set especially if you match the accessories with them boots. A handbag that complements them, a pair of dark sunglasses, and you are ready to take the world on for the day. All of the items that make up this look are essentials, so getting them is a no-brainer really since you can combine them with many other pieces too. Aim for eye-catching details on your boots here, like metallic heels or exposed stitching.