Evolution of the Luxury SUVs

In the past, Sport Utility Vehicles, commonly known as SUVs, were known to have standard features such as a basic interior and 4-wheel drive. Luxury was limited to sedans only. There is no solid evidence as to where the SUV originated from. with manufacturers in both Japan and Britain claiming ownership. Japanese manufacturers claim that the first SUV was their early Land Cruiser. However, many have argued that said Land Cruiser was an off-road car and not a Sports Utility Vehicle. This is because it was too crude for families and had adopted the style of a rusted bus shelter.

The 1963 Jeep Wagoneer SJ has been considered the potential originator of the SUV group. Unlike its counterparts in the four-wheel-drive class, the Jeep Wagoneer SJ blended car-styling characteristics and car-like appointments. With frequent updates such as improved four-wheel-drive systems, executive interiors, and V8 engines, the Wagoneer was the preferred vehicle for 29 years before its last production in 1991.

The exemplary performance of the Jeep Wagoneer SJ didn’t go unnoticed, and soon after, the competition began to create a rivalry. Nonetheless, it took some time for the SUV idea to thrive. Lately, the Lincoln Navigator has emerged. This vehicle has been categorized as one of the best, most expensive, and most prestigious SUV.

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The Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a full-sized luxury SUV, manufactured by Ford Motor Company, and marketed and sold by Lincoln. Furthermore, it has an impressive cargo capacity, and can carry up to six people at once. The Lincoln has been redesigned to match most exotic SUVs available at milanirentals.com. Its first production was in 1997, with the latest being the 2019 Lincoln Navigator.

Complete with a midcentury-modern exterior and a plush interior, the Lincoln Navigator 2019 has a 450-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine. This engine effortlessly powers the SUV, which weighs almost three tons. Other out-of-the-world features of this SUV include massaging seats and a scenic sunroof. To make it driver-friendly, the Lincoln Navigator 2019 has also adopted modern technology.

The technology package includes self-parking features, adaptive cruise control, a head-up display, automatic high-beam headlamps, lane-keeping assists, and an automated emergency braking system with pedestrian detection.

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Engine, Transmission, Performance, and Safety

The 2019 Navigator has a combined engine-and-transmission system with a 450 horsepower and 10-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, each Navigator is manufactured with six preprogrammed drive modes. Every mode changes the steering effort, throttle-pedal response, suspension setting, and the all-wheel-drive system.

In terms of performance, the Lincoln Navigator 2019 can go from 0 to 60mph in about 5.5 seconds and has a towing capacity of 8700 pounds. It also has a 3.5-liter fuel tank. One major setback of this SUV is that, despite having a small engine, its fuel consumption is quite high.

The interior of this SUV is expertly crafted, making it spacious and luxurious. Having safety and driver-assistance features such as automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, the 2019 Navigator has been awarded five stars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.