A Complete Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2024

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Facebook is an effective marketing tool to trigger cost-efficient sales volume for businesses, mainly if they use mobile apps or e-commerce websites. The Australian Internet Advertising Agency named AIAD can help you and your business to achieve the best results for your budget.

Even if you’re running a small business, you can drive a boost in sales by starting a Facebook ads campaign. The social media platform allows you to reach your audience and identify the ready-to-buy prospects. But to create an effective strategy, you must understand your customer journey and identify the steps they follow. Each Facebook ads campaign should have a different message depending on its purpose. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, here is a strategy you can use in 2024 to create campaigns that turn convert leads.

Understand what’s your average customer journey

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Before starting a Facebook ads campaign, try to understand your average customer journey for buying products and services. The customer journey includes the steps they follow, from identifying their issues to purchasing the solution. Each buyer follows a different path, and a thorough understanding of the average journey can enable you to create ads and direct them to the right customers. Catching on with the customer path saves you a lot of money and boosts your return on ad spend.

For example, you shouldn’t target prospects fit for a purchase ad with a blog post because the chances to convert them are lower than if you’d deliver the type of content they’re looking for. It would also help if you didn’t show purchase ads to clients who subscribed to your newsletter because they’re interested in the latest information rather than checking your offers.

To better understand your customer journey, break it into three stages, awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. The group in the awareness stage is experiencing a problem your business can solve. They may or may not know about your brand at this point, but you can capture their attention if you provide them with educational content. In the consideration stage, possible buyers are aware they have a problem and looking for ways to solve it. They research to make a smart purchase. Giveaways, educative newsletters, and giveaways work best for this phase. In the decision stage, people know what solution they prefer for their issues and comparing sellers. Shop now ads are the most effective with this group.

Identify your target audience

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You can reach three groups of customers through Facebook ads, saved audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.

– Saved audiences are customers placed in this group because of their demographics, behaviours, and interests.

– Custom audiences include the people who interacted with your social media pages, mobile app, and websites

– Lookalike audiences include customers who have similar attributes to buyers in your custom audience.

Your Facebook ads campaigns can target any of these audiences. How can you use them in your Facebook ad strategy?

Create buyer personas

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You may have heard the term buyer personas more than once. The buyer persona is an in-depth description of who your average buyer is. You probably have an idea of who your ideal client is. But to deliver custom messages and ads and boost conversion rates, you need to rely on facts instead of pure intuition. Like most businesses, yours also probably has more than one buyer persona. Identify the main categories and get to know them better to create marketing materials that meet their requirements.

Use Facebook Audience Insights to construct the profile of your average buyer persona because it offers complete details. Another way to find out what they prefer is to interview previous purchasers and identify their common traits.

Once you have a buyer persona profile, you can create Facebook ads campaigns based on their common interests and demographics filters. If you find it challenging to create a Facebook ads campaign, you can hire a company like Salt & Fuessel to handle it for you.

Create a custom audience

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Custom audiences help you build a target group based on how prospects interact with your social media content and website. Check how they react at different phases of their customer journey to identify the most profitable audiences.

Use customer data to create a previous custom audience that includes a group of people who have purchased before, and are likely to do it again. Supposing you have a limited budget for your Facebook ads campaign, it should target them.

Data can also help you create a custom audience of prospects who know about your brand, added products to their favourites list or cart, but failed to complete the order. You can still convert them if you deliver them educational or promotional ads. At a very good ROAS, they’ll come back to your website and complete the order.

You should also use your email subscriber list as customer data to create an audience because they are perfect for the middle-of-funnel. When you work with low finances, the smart strategy is to start at the bottom-of-funnel and work your way up. Target your previous buyers, add-to-carts, existing contacts, and all the other groups.

Use the Facebook Pixel

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Have you ever heard of the Facebook Pixel? It’s simple to use this tool, and it provides excellent results because its powerful code allows you to track and identify the users that visit your website and measure conversions with the help of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Before starting a Facebook ads campaign, install this tool so it can collect data and help you create custom audiences. It stores information about your previous purchasers and products they added to their cart or favourite list but abandoned there.

Even if you don’t plan to run a Facebook ads campaign in the near future, you can install the tool and have a glimpse at the data it provides.

Check if your Facebook advertising strategy is working

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Check your return on ad spend and customer acquisition cost to determine if your Facebook ads campaign is working. When you use Facebook Pixel, you can find the reports in the Ads Manager.

If you want to create Facebook ads campaigns for Black Friday or the holiday season, it’s best to start building your lists in the summer, because during the last three months of the year, the cost of advertising on Facebook is higher.