Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Can Use Now – 2024 Guide

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The last place at home that you want to clean is the bathroom. It’s damp, smelly, and sticky. You might even have to wait until you have enough time before you deal with the mess in your bathroom. However, there are a few quick bathroom cleaning tips that you can use to maintain the area without a problem.

Apply cleaning solutions first

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The bathroom will most likely have stains and mould in various areas. It would be disgusting to touch these surfaces directly. The best thing to do is to apply cleaning solutions first. They help soften the stains. Once you wipe the solution or pour water on them, they will immediately get removed.

Invest in storage furniture

Another way to help keep the bathroom clean is by having quality storage furniture. You want to make it easy to keep the products you use for body and skincare. When they’re on the sink, they look messy and untidy. Keeping them in storage furniture will immediately give that clean look you desire. Consider buying from a quality store like Bathroom City so that it will last a long time.

Once you already have the right vanity furniture, you should keep it clean. The good thing about bathroom vanity is that it can stand moisture and will remain in excellent condition if well-maintained.

Check empty containers all the time

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There might be empty containers in the bathroom that you don’t throw away. They get scattered all over the place and make it look dirty. Regularly check these empty containers and find time to throw them away. You can place them in your bathroom bin first. Just make sure you regularly empty the bin so it won’t stink.

Use a bathroom fragrance spray

When the bathroom smells good, it also sends a signal that it’s clean. You want to trick your brain into believing that it’s a clean and relaxing place. It helps if you use a fragrance spray. Once you finish cleaning, you can use the spray. Make sure no one uses the bathroom right away since the spray might suffocate a person, or probably cause unwanted reactions.

Keep the floor dry

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If you can invest in a heated floor, it would be great. You can keep the bathroom floor dry at all times. A wet floor can be slippery and may cause injuries. Mould and mildew also grow faster on damp surfaces. Make sure that the floor is dry after you bathe or at least the water goes directly into the drain.

Don’t forget the shower curtains

The materials used in making the shower curtain might not last long in a moist environment. Hence, mildew grows quickly on them. The good thing is that removing mildew is easy. It only requires a mixture of borax, vinegar, and water. Household bleach may also be a part of the mixture. Spray the solution on the curtains, and the mildew will instantly go away. Let it dry for a few hours first to see the best results.

Use an in-tank cleaning tablet

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You can purchase a cleaning tablet that can go into the toilet bowl tank. It’s easy to use and helps clean the toilet bowl each time someone flushes it. Scented tablets are also available to help maintain a fragrant smell in the bathroom. No one has enough time to always clean the bathroom. Using this tablet is a great way to get things done.

Remove rust easily

The same mixture used in cleaning the curtains could be useful for removing rust. Allow the solution to stay in the area for a few hours before scrubbing it. Rust will immediately dissolve and easy to scrape.

Make the tub sparkle

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A lemon mixture would be the perfect way to make the tub sparkle. Combine lemon juice with baking soda. Apply it on the surfaces and let it sit there for a while. Scrape the area until the tub starts to look as good as new.

Always have an old toothbrush in the bathroom

The difficult part about cleaning the bathroom is removing rust, moulds, and water scrum on edges and surfaces. It would be great to use an old toothbrush since it’s small enough to easily reach the difficult areas. When cleaning the surfaces using any solution, the toothbrush would be a perfect cleaning tool to use.

Buy storage for bath toys

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Your children might love to play around while bathing. If you have bath toys, they will enjoy playing with them on the tub. The problem is after bathing, the toys scatter all over the bathroom. It helps to have a storage area to keep these toys. Finding them wouldn’t be too difficult, either. Some children might not want to take a bath without these toys.

Use grapefruit for cleaning the tub

Lemon isn’t the only fruit that can be useful in the bathroom. Grapefruit is also an excellent choice. It’s perfect in keeping the tub clean. Simply cut it in half and throw on the bottom of the tub. Add salt and let it sit there for a while. Rinse the tub and it will look amazing. The good thing is that it’s not only for maintaining the cleanliness of the tub. It also smells great. Bathing would feel a lot better when the tub smells good.

Wipe the mirror

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The mirror should always be clean and dry. It won’t take much time to keep it clean. Spray a mirror cleaning agent and wipe it dry with a cloth or tissue. You want to see yourself in the mirror before heading out, and you might think you still look bad. The truth is that the mirror is dirty, and it doesn’t reflect the right image.

Of course, you still need to allow time to clean the bathroom. You might have to do a general cleaning session at least once a week. However, there’s no reason not to do these simple and quick cleaning tips each day.