Factors You Should Consider Before Hiring An Event Photographer

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Hiring an event photographer in Dubai, for a corporate event can be a hassle. With so many people being able to capture good photos and use amazing photo editing apps, it can be confusing.

You can be convinced into working with self-acclaimed event photographers in Dubai, who have no clue about what the process entails. Before hiring a specific event photographer, you have to be sure he/she can produce quality work. There are a few factors that you should always consider before hiring a photographer for your next event in Dubai. The main reasons for these factors are to make sure that everything goes in a smooth and professional matter.

Namely, photography isn’t just about picking up a professional camera and taking pictures, there is far more to it than meets the eye. When considering candidates for hiring, the right candidate needs to identify and understand the possible problems that might occur when doing his job. The candidate also needs to have a strong sense of understanding key photography elements; which include shutter speed, the width of the aperture, composition, light direction, and some other elements such as the weather, etc.

If you’re confused by all of this, do know that the process is meant to be tough to distinguish the amateurs from the professionals. Since you’ll be hiring a person to take charge of everything photography-related for your next event, it’s important that you find the right person for this job and not someone who’s looking to score a gig. With all that said, here are the most important factors when considering hiring an event photographer in Dubai.


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Now, the first thing you should take into consideration before you decide to hire an event photographer in Dubai such as The Photography Co is their expertise. You can easily tell a great deal about an event photographer’s work experience via their portfolio.

A portfolio can either be physical or online, and the possibility of a photographer having several is high. Going through a photographer’s portfolio can instantly let you know if the companies style is what you’re searching for. Have a look at The Photography Co in Dubai’s profile to get a good idea of numerous event photography images.

Type Of Photos

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Another major concern you should address before hiring the services of an event photographer in Dubai is their style. Better yet, what is your style? If you haven’t figured out your style, then this factor might be a little confusing.

Essentially, you should have an idea of the style of event photography you want; Editorial, portrait, photo-journalistic portrait. Ensuring the photographer’s style aligns with what you need assures you of a great outcome.

Reliable Equipment

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This might sound a bit unnecessary, however, knowing your prospective photographer has all he needs to make your event a success is vital. You might not be able to dictate what equipment he uses, however, making sure they are in good working condition is important.

Also, in this case, it is important to understand that having the best equipment doesn’t necessarily guarantee great work. Even though some equipment can make certain pieces appear flawless, only experienced hands can pull that off.

Level of Professionalism

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Event photographers must behave in a professional matter when hired to take pictures of your corporate Dubai event. If you have a strict code of conduct and even a dress code, he must abide by it and fully understand it. Furthermore, you’ll be looking for someone who will cooperate and coordinate with you throughout the event, so the person needs to have strong communication skills. A general rule of thumb when hiring photographers is to meet them in person before the job. That way, you can get a full picture of the person hiring, if he has the necessary skills, if he has the necessary experience, if he has the work to back his experience, etc. You’ll be hiring the photographer for an event, regardless if it’s casual or corporate, but he needs to understand that.


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The last, but also, the most important thing to consider next is your budget. You might be wondering why this factor doesn’t appear before others. Well, sometimes, knowing if your options are good enough is always safer. Now some companies have a large budget, while others have smaller budgets, however, this doesn’t matter to the photographer.

The photographer usually considers how long it will take to make the shoot a success, how many days are involved and the equipment needed. If it is a simple shoot and doesn’t require a lot of equipment and other staff, then you should expect a low cost. However, if it will take a longer time, then you should prep yourself to spend more.

According to research, the hourly rate of an event photographer in Dubai ranges from $150- $300. This statistic should help you when planning a budget for hiring the services of an event photographer in Dubai.

Ultimately, getting the best event photographer in Dubai depends on what your preferences are, as well as, their expertise. These factors will act as a guide to help you make the process of hiring smoother. Pay attention to every detail and you’ll find the perfect one soon, or get in touch with The Photography Co in Dubai for a consolation on your upcoming event.