Fake GPS Joystick, History of a GPS

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GPS location now plays an essential role in how we interact with our phone, as well as how we interact with the latest games because they offer certain features depending on your location. According to getmeapps.com, fake GPS joystick app gained a lot of attention after the Pokémon GO became massive. The application can be handy, from sending your address to a friend in case you do not have an excellent GPS service or if you want to catch a rare pokémon that you know will not appear in any of the areas where you are. But how this technology arises? What is GPS?

How does GPS come about?

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The global positioning system, or GPS, was designed to replace the Transit system, created in 1965. Transit was not very accurate in providing location data, where it had only a few satellites and returned data with an error of more than 200 meters. GPS took the next step, ending in the 1970s with the establishment of a network of 24 satellites that allowed the tracking of moving objects based on the time it takes for the signal to reach the GPS receiver by multiplying it by its speed.

Since 1983, the GPS satellite system has been used as a military tool of high precision. From the ballistic missiles to the army communications, at the beginning of 2000, GPS was released for civilian use around the world. The large transport and telecommunications companies were among the first to take advantage of this technology.

Other positioning systems

*GLONASS: Created by the former Soviet Union, and after some time when the order was neglected, today the Russian Federation is taking over this technology. It works with 18 to 19 satellites, and with a minimum of 4 satellites in orbit

*GALILEO: It was created with a civil objective, and its purpose was to achieve higher accuracy regarding its location data than the NAVSTAR. It has a total of 30 satellites and 3 in orbit and is operational since December 2016

*BEIDOU: With this system seeks, China seeks to cover the whole world, and support all its technology. In December 2018, it announced new coverage areas and expected to have global coverage by 2025. It wants to incorporate the positioning system in all phones.

Correction systems

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Differential Global Positioning System or DGPS seeks to correct possible errors in the satellite orbits and refine the position provided by the GPS. The set is composed of a series of fixed earth stations with known locations. This way, it is possible to compare the real situation with the one provided by the GPS and to establish the errors.

Calculated error is reported and emitted and received by the user antennas. DGPS is currently being extended to provide global coverage to land, air, and sea users. That is known as the Wide Coverage Optimization System, WAAS/EGNOS, which is being developed by the United States.

EGNOS is an augmentation system with supplementary means consisting of geostationary satellites (in an orbit of 35,786 kilometers in height) and ground stations to improve position fixing through receivers. The main idea is to serve commercial aviation, although it has an impact on the navy. The most significant advantage of the EGNOS system is its extensive coverage and data accuracy, being a complement to GPS and GLONASS.

Description of Fake GPS JoyStick

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This app will allow you to test location-based applications by mocking your location and moving it through a joystick, it overlays your current location or any location set by another form and simulates that it is anywhere else. On the plus side, you can immediately change your situation and review the history of sites you have previously placed. It is important to remember that the use of the GPS sensor causes high consumption of the battery of our phone, so we advise that after using it is better to disable Fake GPS Joystick.

Please take into consideration that one would intentionally alter the specific location of our phone, which brings both advantages and disadvantages. Each should be put on the table and weighed, especially at present, where the data is not always private. If you want to protect them should consider the security and privacy of them.

Privacy and security

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The issues of security and privacy are quite common nowadays, and an excellent way to protect some of our information is to control our location. If this is what you are interested in, Fake GPS Joystick can help you. In case our phone does not have an excellent GPS service, or if our battery is failing, it can also be used to provide a new location for your photos.