Reasons To Visit Alicante During The Summer Holidays

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Alicante is one of the most desired tourist destinations in Spain. Every year at least 10 million tourists go there, it is not a place that goes unnoticed. It attracts a lot of attention from national citizens, from all over the European Union and from the United Kingdom.

The main reason for this is its pleasant climate: it has 330 sunny days and as it is coastal, it is the ideal place to spend a summer holiday. The average temperature throughout the year is 17 degrees, enjoyable from late spring to early autumn.

The ideal summer vacation for many people is to spend the season near the sea. Beaches of Alicante are trendy in the Community of Valencia: Postiguet for swimming and Las Salinas de Santa Pola to see landscapes with majestic birds and enjoy a spectacle that seems fiction.

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For those who want a bit more peace and quiet, there are the coves of Cabo de las Huertas, which is next to Playa de San Juan. It is a quiet place that allows you to enjoy the sea. Isla Tabarca only has 30 inhabitants: it is ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean with peace.

The life inside the city is quite comfortable and lively. Explanada de España and the Rambla de Núñez allow for pleasant walks with all the beach atmosphere.

Enjoy History and visit some perfect places. Santa Barbara Castle offers spectacular views, especially at sunset, and the Santa Cruz Quarter is another way to visit the past. Archaeological Museum of the Province of Alicante tells everything from prehistoric times to the present day.

Valencia’s gastronomy is food in the purest Spanish style: paella, Spanish omelet and tapas, in many varieties to satisfy all tastes. The holidays are not for cooking, but for enjoying the local food.

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The nightlife is vivacious. It starts in the late afternoon and ends at dawn. It is a characteristic of the city. Natives are cheerful and are used to serving tourists with great hospitality. It is easy to feel a relaxing atmosphere here, with a carefree atmosphere and always looking for enjoyment. For those who are learning Spanish, it is a perfect place to practice, because of the accent of the locals, which is quite easy to follow.

Alicante is one of the most desired tourist options by the European community. It has a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the holidays without leaving the continent, and always offers the ideal relaxation for anyone.

How to save on your trip to Alicante

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A vacation can be a significant expense for any family. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed without being a financial inconvenience. You don’t have to deprive yourself of car hire in Alicante (check here) or rent an apartment. It is always possible to spend a few days with all the comforts without having a significant financial impact. It’s just a matter of getting a little organized.

The first thing to do is to establish a period to spend the holidays in Alicante. As long as this point is clear, it will be much easier to organize the trip, since the reservations, the budget, the clothes, etc. will depend on it.

After the date of the trip has been established, you must make the reservations a couple of months in advance. In summer it will always be more expensive, and the most beautiful thing about Alicante are its beaches, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them without spending too much. The way to do it is to anticipate since they usually diminish much the prices if you do everything from early.

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Before making any decision, the best thing to do is to compare the prices of the accommodations. It may be better to be a little further away from the beach, but that does not mean spending too much time. There are many options to choose from among hostels, apartments and hotels. A travel agency can help a lot, thanks to the experience they have; you need to give them a date and a budget.

Renting a car can be cheaper than using public transportation. An excessive amount of people in high season can make public transport very uncomfortable. Saving too much money can sometimes result in a considerable expense in comfort and time.

Local food can be accessible. But snacks are another story. It’s best to go to the supermarket and buy some cookies for your meal, and not to drop in one small purchase after another first.

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There are free or very cheap activities that you can enjoy. Alicante, with its landscapes, is an ideal tourist destination for this. The walks and views are spectacular. Many times it will only be necessary to take into account the expense of food to spend a pleasant afternoon watching the sea in the distance. You don’t have to pay on tickets to the attractions to enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

You have to wear the right clothes from home. If it is a summer holiday at the beach, it is essential to pack all the necessary swimsuits, towels and hats. Last-minute shopping can be costly. You should also avoid buying unnecessary things and keep everything you need in your suitcase.