Famous YouTubers Who Recorded a Song

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Before YouTube was founded in 2005 there was not a single location on the internet where videos could be shared. Since its launch, this video-sharing platform has become one of the most popular and most visited websites in the internet’s history. The first-ever video which showcased a visit to the zoo was uploaded the same year by Jawed Karim, one of the platform’s founders. The next year, YouTube became a subsidiary of Google and has an estimated worth of $40 billion today.

As the word about this new website spread around, videographers and content creators suddenly had a new space to share their art, ideas, and creativity. People started uploading a variety of content from funny videos, DIYs, to skits, talk shows, reaction videos, and much more.

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However, it was simply a hobby for many until the launch of the Partner Program in 2007 which enabled people to get paid for their content. With the platform becoming more mainstream each year, these creators known as YouTubers started gaining popularity as well and today, the most successful ones are considered internet celebrities and influencers.

Past surveys have shown that these creators are surpassing the popularity and influence of traditional celebrities and although older generations might not understand this fully, for Millenials, it is completely understandable. This is because these online stars are simply more relatable, engaging, and personal than mainstream ones.

Some of the biggest names on the platform are typically gamers, vloggers, pranksters, and beauty gurus and even though they did not become famous because of music, many of them have ventured into it whether to branch out and showcase a new talent or for comedic reasons and fun. So here are some famous YouTubers that have made a song or even several ones throughout their career.

  1. Jake Paul

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Jake Paul started his online career on Vine, a video app that was shut down in 2017, and later rose to fame by making vlogs, comedy and prank videos, and music. Jake has an EP titled Litmas and 22 singles under his belt with his most successful song It’s Everyday Bro entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 91, the US iTunes chart at number two, and accumulating more than 265 million views. Essentially a diss track aimed at other online creators, the song received a negative response from people that are not fans of Paul.

  1. PewDiePie

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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a prominent YouTuber and comedian from Sweden and is also one of the biggest names on the platform. With more than 102 million subscribers, he has the most followed and viewed channel run by a single individual.

He is best known for his comedic and Let’s Play content – one that documents the playthrough of a video game, but has also released a few tracks such as Congratulations, Rewind Time, and T-Series Diss Track. The tunes have a comedic nature, an upbeat synthpop and hip-hop style, and are some of the most viewed videos on PewDiePie’s channel.

  1. Jeffree Star

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This beauty guru, makeup artist, and entrepreneur actually had a serious music career with several world tours before he abruptly left the industry. Jeffree has a studio album, 4 EPs, a Mixtape, and five singles. His debut album charted on the Billboard 200, landing at number 122 and featured the track Lollipop Luxury with Nicki Minaj.

It was released before Nicki’s first solo single, making it one of the first songs that featured the famous rapper. If you would like to know more, you can visit chilloutradio.com.

  1. Logan Paul

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Similarly to his younger brother, Logan Paul is an internet celebrity and actor who made his start on Vine. He released 3 singles titled Help Me Help You, Outta My Hair, and No Handlebars with the first track, featuring the boyband Why Don’t We, being his most successful one and peaking at number 5 on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 singles chart.

  1. KSI

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This British content creator and internet celebrity built his following by commenting on video game playthroughs but then slowly ventured into vlogging and making comedy shows. Before getting more serious with his music, he firstly wrote rap songs with a comedic nature until the release of his EP – Keep Up.

Since then he has put out 3 more EPs, a collaborative album, and 22 singles in total. Taking the 10th spot on the UK Singles chart, his single Down Like That featuring Rick Ross, Lil Baby, and S-X, became his best and highest-charting track to date. Other popular tracks include Lamborghini, Friends with Benefits, and Keep Up.

  1. Ryan Higa

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Professionally known as nigahiga, he is a famous online creator and comedian. Ryan is best known for his skits and funny content but he has also released tracks such as I’m Hardcore, Ignored, Exposed, and Millenial Love. In 2016 he also created a K-pop boyband BgA – Boys Generally Asian which is inspired by Girls Generation, an all-female Korean girl group.

BgA made their debut with Dong Saya Dae which landed at number 2 on the iTunes K-pop chart. The next year, they put out Who’s It Gonna Be which grabbed the first spot on the iTunes K-pop chart but also placed on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales at No. 3 and number 33 on Spotify’s Viral 50.

  1. Trisha Paytas

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Trisha is a vlogger and singer-songwriter best known for her mukbang videos – where hosts eat while interacting with the audience, personal vlogs, and eating challenges. She started self-releasing music in 2014 which includes a studio album, 35 singles, and 8 extended plays with tracks such as Milk and Cookies, Cozy Christmas, Iconic, and Crazy and Desperate.

  1. RiceGum

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Bryan Quang Le professionally known as RiceGum is an American vlogger and rapper who managed to grab a spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart, placing at number 25. The track It’s Every Night Sis featuring Alissa Violet charted 80th on the Billboard Hot 100 and received an RIAA platinum certification, meaning that the single has sold over 1 million copies.


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Whether these songs are great, good, or bad is up for debate since it depends on people’s tastes and personal preferences. You can give some or all of these tracks a listen and determine their quality yourself. No matter if you enjoy the music or not, there is no doubt that YouTube is truly an entertaining platform that is full of great content and truly talented creators.