It’s Never Too Late For Style and Glamour – Fashion Bloggers Over 35


When we think of fashion bloggers, Instagram style icons whose every fashion step we follow (that if you are a woman) – we usually first think of current, young celebrities who, it seems, bring refreshment, perfect clothing combinations, and a radiant face and body that we would all wish.

However, even when we are younger, we are aware of the fact that youth and perfection do not last forever, and that the girls we watch on Instagram and look up to are not actually so ‘real’. That is, that behind one photo there is probably a perfect life, daily visits to beauty salons, time for frequent workouts – because in our youth we still do not have business and family obligations – as well as certainly a bit of Photoshop and editing of imperfections.

For that reason, we wanted someone who was real. Someone on whom we will see a few stretch marks and wrinkles, someone whose style will be thoughtful and sophisticated, not just trendy, someone who radiates stability, security, and peace. Women over the age of 35 are self-aware, still full of energy, have a formed style and attitude – and below we present our favorite seven bloggers who are 35 + and who inspire us.

Silvia Berri


Silvia Berri is an Italian lady who is a successful businesswoman – in addition to being an influencer on Instagram. She is a communication and strategic marketing manager, journalist, and lifestyle influencer. Also, we could still call her a trendsetter in the world of fashion and accessories, and she reaffirms this position with her innovative fashion combinations that we enjoy.

In addition, Silvia is the brand ambassador of Nanis Jewels – handmade, Italian unique jewelry that combines tradition and modernity.

Petra Dieners


Petra Dieners is the German blogger we look up to, who perfectly manages to combine elegance and sporty, relaxed style. She gives each of her clothing combinations an unusual twist, which you probably would not think of – and when you see it, you realize that it is absolutely perfect right where it is.

Before a successful blogging career, Petra was a very successful economist, and she is real proof that a businesswoman can be everything: dedicated to her career and family but also to her own style, as well as the passions that drive her.

Catherine Summers


Catherine Summers is one of our favorite British bloggers, who breaks the conventional postulates of style set for women after the age of 40, and which you will always recognize by playful and unexpected clothing combinations.

She is a dedicated mother and wife, and on her blog, in addition to fashion, she also deals with general topics related to the life of middle-aged women about which little is written. If you are in the mood for a mix of patterns and colors, Catherine is the inspiration for you.

Simona Bertolotto


Another stylish Italian lady on our list is Simona Bertolotto. In addition to doing influential marketing, she is also a digital content creator. Simona, regardless of her age, has a profile on the social network TikTok with a large number of followers, which you will definitely want to follow too after seeing the clothing combinations that she represents there.

She enjoys fresh and attractive combinations of intense colors, which are the perfect spring style inspiration. And when she combines her clothing combinations with attractive jewelry and accessories – we simply remain speechless.

Taye Hansberry


Taye Hansberry is a famous American influencer, actress, screenwriter, and stylist, and in addition to all that, she is also interested in photography. You will recognize her by the fact that she looks far younger than she really is because she radiates youthful energy, which she supports with attractive style choices.

We can see Taye in stylish monochrome outfits, whether it is a tracksuit set, a two-piece suit in nude color, or a comfortable top fitted with pants but she also knows how to surprise us with clothing pieces of attractive design. If you want to look urban and modern even though you are over 35, she is the right inspiration for you.

Lyn Slater


Lyn Slater, also known as the ‘Accidental Style Icon’ (who is no longer so accidental) is a 67-year-old style influencer and social media sensation. She describes herself as a fashion influencer, and her numerous Instagram followers say that she is the most interesting “badass” person they follow.

Lyn is a New York native, who is actually a university professor, and now we really want to go to one of her lectures, don’t you?

Sally Steele


Australia boasts a vibrant fashion scene with several outstanding designers of which some are experts in giving pieces of advice on women what dress code to wear on various occasions, such as when they visit theatres, cocktail nights, dinner parties, casinos (the best Australian casinos can be seen by the link), etc.

One of the best ways to learn more about them is through their collaborations with fashion bloggers. Sally Steele stands out among Australia’s top fashion bloggers who are a little older.

She is a Brisbane-based stylist who is well-known for her eccentric sense of style. Her Instagram profile is where it all happens: she posts about local events, gives styling advice to clients, and provides daily fashion inspiration. Sally is all about practical individualization of personal style for each client, and she is a huge believer in sustainable fashion, frequently taking customers shopping in op-shops.