Gear You Need for Safe Motorcycle Rides

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It’s a luxury and a privilege to own a motorcycle. They allow us to travel long distances without the restrictions that come with cars, but they are expensive and require a great deal of discipline to operate safely. However, weather and issues with surrounding riders and drivers can still cause problems no matter how smart we ride.

That’s where safety gear comes in, because you need a variety of equipment to make sure that you avoid accidents and damage to your bike. This guide aims to show you the gear you need to keep your motorcycle rides safe as well as fun.


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Before we go over what you need to put on your body to keep everything protected, we must review one of the most important parts of the bike to operate efficiently throughout your trips. Tires for motorcycles are designed to withstand gravel, water, hail and other harsh elements of nature, but hitting the wrong object at the wrong angle can cause them to loss air and increase your chance of an accident.

Options such as Shinko tires are built to last long periods of time, which makes it easier for you to take your bike on trips on long highways with your friends without worrying about losing air. In case the weather and roads get really bad, it always helps to have changing equipment on hand in case you need to make a quick switch before the tire has bigger issues.

Seasonal jackets

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It’s important to wear clothes that don’t leave skin showing when you’re riding a motorcycle. This is to reduce your chances of getting cut or bruised if an accident happen. The fabric of your jacket should also be able to withstand hail for this reason, as well as heavy rain so that you don’t get too drenched.

Jackets are available for different seasons in case you like to ride year-round. They also come in handy if you decide to travel up north or down south, where the weather might be different from where you live.


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The chances that you’ve seen people riding motorcycles without helmets are very slim. That’s because it’s most important to keep your head protected in case of an accident, because they lower your chances of brain damage and even death. Even if you live in a state that doesn’t require helmets, you can never be too safe.

The advancements in technology that we made have allowed helmets to do more than just shield your head and face from gravel, rain and bugs. Some come with ventilation slots to make it easier to breath while riding, and others are designed to keep noise to a minimum so that you can concentrate on the road.


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Motorcycles are a lot heavier than they look, and you’ll need gear that allows you to operate the bike the way normal clothes can’t. One way to do that is to wear boots, which give you more strength than sneakers to kick up the stand and get the motor running so that you can get started on the road. Your boots should also be oil-resistant and have nonslip soles so that you don’t have any slips and falls.

Boots are also designed to keep your feet and ankles safe. It helps to check how easy it is to move your boots while they’re on your feet. If you don’t have a tough time moving them around, it’s time to get a new pair. You also need to keep your boots laced tightly to keep them stable.


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It’s also important to keep your hands safe while riding a motorcycle. Certain gloves are designed specifically for this type of ride, and leather gloves do the best job when it comes to keep your hands dry and scratch-free in case you’re riding in mud or rain.

You’ll need gloves that have retention straps so that they stay on and cover your entire hand. Having your gloves and jacket sleeves overlap each other adds extra security by providing more coverage to your skin. Kevlar is another reliable material for glove durability and efficiency, so look for options that include it in their design.

Get this gear right away so that you can enjoy safe rides on the open road.