Get On Trend In Aran With Autumn/Winter Styles & Shades

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Aran knitwear is a great choice all year round, but it is especially suited to the cooler months of Autumn and Winter. Aran knitwear is characterized by classic muted tones and natural fibers, bringing you the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Making the most of traditional history and craftsmanship, these sweaters are an excellent way to embrace the cold, wet weather and enjoy getting outdoors throughout the Autumn and Winter.

This knitwear is timeless, worn by celebrities for decades, but styles and trends are constantly changing, and we’ve been taking a look at how to get on-trend in Aran this season. It’s all about pairing pieces with the right companion items to create great looks and making the most of this classic style with gorgeous accessories and garments.

Autumnal Aran In Ireland

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Aran knitwear has a close relationship with our local heritage, and the people of Ireland have been wearing for well over a hundred years. The original sweaters were hand-knitted by the women of the Aran Islands, and these garments were especially valued at this time of the year.

Known for their ability to protect against the elements, and created with the local environment in mind, these Irish sweaters were the garments of choice for fishermen and farmers in Ireland for many years before the trend caught on worldwide.

Knitwear is created with local, sustainable wool, and the designs reflect the countryside and ocean around the Aran Islands. Did you know that the popular Moss Stitch was designed to reflect the vibrant carrageenan moss that was an important food source for Island dwellers?

And that the beautiful Chevron stitch, featured in many knitwear designs, represents the pattern of the Atlantic waves against the cliffs of Inis Mor. These stitches and many more create a beautiful connection with the land and the livelihood of the people who lived and worked here long ago, and this brings a new layer of history to the knitwear that you choose today.

9 Top Styles and Shades This Season

Aran is always in fashion, but the many different styles and shades available create different trends over time. Right now, we love the gentle, muted tones that mirror the Irish countryside, and it’s all about creating a cozy look to suit the weather. Here are our top picks for the Autumn and Winter this year:

1. Ladies Herringbone Design Shawl Hood

The Ladies Herringbone Design Shawl Hood is a beautiful and versatile style that is just perfect for this time of year. It’s a great length for staying warm and snug all winter, and the hood will keep you cozy even when the weather is bad.

Made from 100% Merino Wool, with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity, this is a gorgeous jacket/cardigan with a shawl style hood and comes in classic oatmeal or mallard blue.

2. Men’s Drawcord Collar Aran Sweater

You can ensure that the man in your life stays warm and cozy all year round with this striking design, with a practical and stylish drawcord collar. The Men’s Drawcord Collar Aran Sweater comes in a gorgeous range of earthy colors and features traditional diamond and cable patterns. Made in Ireland with 100% Merino Wool, this is a style that is both contemporary and traditional, and we know he’ll love it.

3. Aran Cable Knit Hoodie With Celtic Side Zip

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This Cable Knit Hoodie with Celtic Side Zip is a contemporary twist on a timeless classic, and it’s a great way to layer up and get outdoors in all weathers. The Celtic design side zipper pull is an eye-catching detail that we love, and you can choose from soft grey, wine, natural white, or army green, all of which are perfect for the festive season. Made of 100% Merino Wool, locally and sustainably sourced, this is a stylish and comfortable way to stay right on trend in your knitwear this season.

4. Men’s Merino Aran Button Collar Sweater

This timeless design is a classic that has been keeping Ireland’s fishermen warm for decades, and you’ll love the stylish two-button collar that brings it right up to date. The Men’s Merino Aran Button Collar Sweater is a great choice for insulation, comfort, and style, and the quality of our knitwear means your sweater will hold its shape much better than synthetic options.

We love the ocean-themed colors, including Denim and Atlantic blue, wicker, natural white, derby, and army green – the hardest bit is choosing which to order!

5. Rope Cable Crew Aran Sweater

We love this traditional Rope Cable Crew Aran Sweater, fitted for a contemporary look, and featuring the unique rope cable pattern. It’s made from 100% soft Merino Wool, the natural, organic, and sustainable choice, and comes with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity. Color choices include claret, silver marl, navy, steel marl, natural white, and oatmeal, and this is the perfect option to keep you warm and cozy this season.

6. Textured Merino Cardigan

One of our must-have items this season, the Textured Merino Cardigan, is a wardrobe staple that you’ll love wearing again and again. It’s the perfect choice for a walk across the cliffs with friends, or you can style it up with a pair of fitted jeans and a classic t-shirt for an evening out.

You’ll love the seasonal colors, which include golden ochre, silver marl, navy, morning sky, steel marl, Atlantic and white, and you’ll want one in every shade so that you don’t have to make a choice! Made from natural and organic 100% soft Merino Wool, this is one of our most popular picks this season.

7. Crew Neck Aran Sweater With Tweed Patches

This classic Crew Neck Aran Sweater with Tweed Patches is the ideal choice for men this season, combining the traditional sweater with another timeless Irish style: Tweed.

This warm charcoal sweater is accented with tweed patches on the shoulders and elbows and features traditional diamond and chevron patterns. This is a design you’ll wear again and again, made from 100% natural and organic Merino Wool that offers warmth and protection against the Irish weather.

8. Super Soft Lattice Stitch Poncho

Classic style is right on trend in this Super Soft Lattice Stitch Poncho, featuring a beautiful lattice design. With a high neck and button detail, you’ll love this versatile style. Made from natural and organic soft Merino Wool, this poncho is comfortable, practical and flattering for all body shapes, and comes with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity.

We love the warm plum shade, but you can select white, green, brown, charcoal, or ink – or choose more than one so you can wear it every day!

9. Worsted Wool Men’s Hillwalker Sweater

This is a comfortable and stylish design you’ll love, and it’s made in Ireland with 100% worsted wool. The Worsted Wool Men’s Hillwalker Sweater will help you to stay warm all season, and the stylish crew collar means you’ll stand out from the crowd. Our favorite shade is storm grey, and you can check out the full range of colors available online.

Trust Aran Sweater Market To Keep You Cosy This Year

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