The 2024 Guide to Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

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In 2024, some bathroom trends are staying while others are changing. If you have a bathroom renovation on your agenda this year, our guide will help you learn everything that you need to know about choosing the best bathroom sinks and vanities for your new space.

There is a lot out there today in terms of selection. While this is great for style and uniqueness, it can prove to make the shopping process more complex for some. As more people go modern and get inspired by spa designs, that’s becoming a hot trend. However, there are plenty of other great trends that will change the style of your bathroom, no matter what your budget might be.

In this guide, we’ll cover the latest trends and what you should look for to make the most of your bathroom upgrade. Whether you’re just replacing the vanity or sink, or you’re doing a full renovation, it’s important to get every detail right. To learn more check

Floating Sinks and Vanities

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One of the hottest trends right now is the floating vanity or sink. This style creates a really unique modern look and frees up valuable floor space. Plus, they’re available in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit just about any space. Floating sinks will typically have designs that allow you to hide the plumbing, although some designs may not. You will also find them in every style from modern bowl-like sinks to farmhouse basins, standard bathroom sinks, square basins, and everything in between.

They look stylish and they save space, and with vanity cabinets, you can still have access to all of the storage that you need. Take the time to check out some bathrooms that use floating vanities on sites like Pinterest and Houzz to see what others are doing and get inspired for your own new design.


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In light of the pandemic and the growing interest in spa-like spaces, many people are engaging in a new type of bathroom design and use that has been given its own name: cocooning. The bathroom design is completely focused on helping people wrap themselves in comfort and quiet, hence the name. This isn’t just about choosing the right fixtures, though. It’s about creating a mood that makes a difference in how people feel about self-care. Once a place of function, the modern bathroom has become a place of respite and design trends are following suit.

How does this relate to your vanity or sink? If you’re creating an entirely new space, you’ll want to choose a vanity that fits into your new space and that serves more than function.

Consider how the comfort features of the sink and vanity enhance your life, such as upgrading to dual sinks for convenience or adding a heated towel bar on the side of the vanity cabinet for added luxury.

Luxurious Fixtures

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As a part of transforming the bathroom into that respite space, many people are upgrading to lavish fixtures designed to provide the ultimate in cleaning and comfort. From upscale tubs to multi-head shower stalls and walk-in showers that have more gadgets than most average bathrooms, there is so much that you can do here. You can find handheld fixtures, built-in fixtures, overhead showers, upgraded finishes, and so much more.

When you want to upgrade your bathroom and create that spa-like space, spend the money where it counts and get better fixtures and appliances first. That includes the sink, vanity, and related fixtures. Consider upgrading the hardware to something more lavish, choose a faucet that looks more high-end, or even go with a glass sink or another premium material that screams luxury instead of basic ceramic or other materials.

Minimalist Designs

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The next big trend is the minimalist look. Although people like lavish, that doesn’t mean they need more—they want less stuff and more space and having the open floor area in the bathroom often makes it feel far more luxurious than if it were filled with a bigger tub or other fixtures. People are choosing sleek tubs, simple sinks, and overall bathroom designs that are stylish, functional, and yet a little understated so that they offer that high-end feel without the clutter and fuss.

It’s not so much about starkness—we’ve gotten away from that completely. It’s about vanities and sinks that offer style without taking up a lot of space or making a big fuss. With the selection available today, there are vanities and sinks that will create the perfect minimalist look for you without having to break the bank or compromise on your design, too.

Moody Colours

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When you are looking at new bathroom designs, you’ll see that the stark white spaces we’ve seen before are now a thing of the past. People today are choosing funky designs, moody colours, and earthy pigments that help embrace that spa-like feel for total relaxation. We live in a busy, cold world—why leave your bathroom feeling the same way?

Check out designs and popular bathroom colour schemes to see what others are doing. Consider sticking with warm earthy tones or cool blues for relaxation and choose contrasting hardware and fixtures to set the space off with a perfectly polished look. You might even want to consider a stylish espresso vanity cabinet or weathered oak finish to change it up a little. Blues and greys are also popular for vanity colours, while glass sinks and unique materials also help set the mood.

Upgraded Vanity Lighting

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Forget standard bathroom lights with built-in exhaust fans. While those are functional, they’re not at all appealing and they’re somewhat of a thing of the past. If you want to create the ultimate space, check out modern bathroom lighting. You can choose premium fixtures with low energy consumption, giving you two perks in one. Plus, then, you’ll be able to install a separate vent fan that’s quiet and blends into space so that you aren’t detracting from the design.

Pendant lighting is popular, while traditional over-the-mirror lighting is not something most people choose. Statement lighting is really making its mark in bathrooms right now. Again, this would be a good area to do a little research and see what others are doing before you choose your solution.

These are just a few of the things that you can use to inspire your new bathroom design. With modern bathroom sinks and vanities, you’ll have no trouble creating your perfect bathroom for relaxation and respite from your busy life.