Guide On How To Plan a Road Trip For First-Time Travelers

Do you want to see the beauty of your state? The best way to go on a road trip! Of course, you can pick the most popular route to San Francisco or Los Angeles. But also, you can break up traditions and go by car through America. Anyway, to get the best travel experience you need to plan your trip in the best way. Are you a good planner? The road trip is not an empty sound that means just driving your vehicle somewhere. You can pick a destination, find a car, think over the most interesting places you want to see. There are many more issues you will surely meet. But first, visit and find the best car for your trip. Want to know how?


  1. Pick direction

Pick the destination carefully. If you are not an experienced driver and go on a road trip for the first time, you’d better stop your choice on a destination that is not far from home. Is one day enough for you? Simply, pick the city that is an hour or two driving from your place. So, you have the whole day to get there, spend your quality time, and come back. Of course, traveling in a company, you can spend a weekend for your trip. Planning to drive a car more than a day, you will face many more questions to solve like booking a hotel room, buying food, packing more things.

  1. Plan your route step by step

It will be very useful to choose a route. Just list the place you want to see and build up your rote. You can use a map or make a search on the internet. If you want you can pick the highways or back roads. The highways are usually time-saving. Taking a back road, you will spend more time to get to somewhere but you have a chance to see more worthy places.

  1. Count a realistic budget

You can break down your trip budget into such categories as car rental, hotel, food, activities, and extra money. Just be realistic. If you are limited in budget, you shouldn’t plan a long road trip. If there is something special you want to visit or activities you don’t want to miss, start planning your budget from there!

  1. Take a paper map

Do you want to know why? Of course, you think you don’t need a paper map if you have a car with GPS. It is good to have! Sometimes, the system may go wrong. That’s why you’d better have a paper map to follow your course and sleep well. Take care of you comfort and nervous.

  1. Pick the right car

Do you think that all the vehicles are different by the price only? Contact the rental agency and you will be surprised on how wide the choice of cars may be. Of course, some of them are not recommended for long trips. But you can easily rent a sports car, cabriolet, economy class car, or car with a great mileage for your journey. Don’t pick vans, minivans, SUVs if you are not traveling in a big company. You can try to reduce the coast for your trip by rental coupons or AAA membership.

  1. Make sure the car is OK

When you take the car for rent, try to look it over from all sides all together with your rental manager. Check the oil, windshields, lights, and fuel. It is important to have a good and well-working car for a long-distance trip. Check if you have a roadside assistance from your rental company. It would be great if you ask the manager about the nearest fuel station to drive back your car already full.

  1. Plan your stops

Sometimes, you need to take a break from driving. It would be great if you plan a stop every 2-3 hours. Spend your time wisely. Find out if there is a worthy place to visit. Thus, you can find many interesting places that you didn’t even expect to meet on your way.

  1. Pack all you need

Packing is an important procedure. Make a list of all useful things you may need during the trip, including your ID, insurance, and some water. Try to think what to do in the car during the long hours of driving. Don’t forget your smartphone, iPad, earphones, a few books, and your favorite magazine.

Stop panic! You go on a road trip for pleasure. Of course, you can plan your every move beforehand. But there is always must be some space for creativity. Just do what you want to do, stop your car at any place you like, and drive carefully. This is a unique experience you can share with your friends and help other travelers-beginners to start their own traveling career.