Happy Ending Massages by Skissr Escorts 

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Happy ending massages are very popular these days and we spoke to the leading escort website that connects me with these massage providers. Amy Penny, website owner, gives us all the info we need about happy-ending massages.

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A happy ending massage is a particular type that usually starts with the usual entire body rubdown but ends with a sexual act like a hand job or a blow job.

When it comes to women, a happy ending involves their escorts fingering and offering clitoral stimulation by their companions. Penetrative sex can be involved if all the parties are willing.

The end goal for a man in this experience is to ejaculate while a woman attains her orgasm by stimulation or penetration.

Happy ending massage and escorts

Some escorts are involved in offering happy-ending services. As a client, you need to identify a reputable escort agency and pick an ideal escort that offers this service. Once in contact, state your requirements clearly and pay the required fees.

Who can get a happy ending?

Do you know that happy-ending massages can be for anyone who is open-minded, curious and views sex from a positive and non-judgmental angle?

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Happy endings are not for older men, single or unhappy married people; they are for everyone seeking a different yet enjoyable experience with no judgment.

Benefits of Happy Ending Massages

Helps in Emotional healing

Massages aim to provide emotional well-being to your overall health. As you receive the sexual pleasure that comes with them, your mood will improve, feel amazing and have high self-esteem.

For Relaxation

There is a soothing after-effect on your body and mind when you get this service from an escort. A Happy ending massage will help you feel relaxed.

Helps in reducing stress

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Massages will help you reduce your life’s overall stress. Sensual massages improve your ability to experience pleasure and enhance your sexual life with your partner. Euphoria is associated with a happy ending that releases the feel-good hormone OxyContin that maximizes pleasure, and stimulates a positive mindset for the client.

An erotic massage has been termed the best stress relief, with statistics proving that those who have regular orgasms are happier than those who don’t.

Develop, and maintain your physical functions

A happy-ending massage focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual well-being. At the end of your session, you will have a renewed sense of self with low-stress levels.

Reduces the risks of prostate cancer

Do you know that regular orgasms are related to low prostate cancer risks? A good hand job with an erotic escort will end in an orgasm, which will be beneficial to you in the end.

Boosts sexual stamina

A happy ending massage with a professional will help you identify your erotic spots and how to enjoy an intimate experience. Once you have recognized these areas, you can communicate with your partner and enjoy great sexual adventures together.

It helps in relieving sleeping problems

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A highly trained massage escort knows the techniques to help your body release serotonin, the hormone responsible for a good night’s sleep. The strokes your body receives will help you relax, while the sexual release will clear your mind of any pressures and help you get good rest. If you suffer from sleeping disorders or are overwhelmed with life stresses, a happy ending massage will be a great help.

You will strengthen your immune system

An erotic massage has been linked to a boost in your body’s white blood cells, which defends your body from attacks against illness and diseases. Regular orgasms will improve the levels of antibodies that protect your body. Happy ending massages will help you have fewer sick days and enjoy a healthy life.

Here is what happens during a happy-ending massage?

Every escort has their style of executing this type of massage, but they all have rules and engagements that will guide them and the client.

Prepare for the massage

Once you have started talking with your escort of choice, you will agree on an ideal location. When you get to this place, remove your clothes, shower, and lie on the massage bed. Remember that this massage starts out like the standard one. Once on the bed, your escort will give you directions on the next steps.

The massage starts

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Your escort will start working from your back with hot oils, lotions, or whatever your preference is. You will then notice your companion slowly and gradually moving towards the erogenous zones of your body. The length of your massage will depend on your agreement from the beginning with your escort.

The massage is now gaining momentum

As the process continues, your escort will ask you to turn and lie on your back so that the neck, face, thighs, chest or breasts can be massaged too. An escort can now ask if they can advance to your erogenous zones or can make some sounds like moaning, indicating the next step. There can also be the opening of legs, but remember that all these should be agreed upon from the beginning.

Happy ending Time

A happy ending is aimed at sexual gratification, and orgasms are expected. Hand job or clitoris stimulation and fingering can happen under the towel. An escort should wear a condom at this point to avoid any infections. A client can request to touch their escort, but a mutual agreement must be reached. As your escort continues to rub your genitalia, you will be assured that pleasure and ejaculation are about to happen.

You can now freshen up

Once the happy ending has happened, you will be given a clean towel to wipe yourself or get a chance to take a shower and clean up. You will then be required to pay and tip your escort for the fantastic experience.

You will have a guaranteed happy ending with an escort

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If you are seeking an excellent happy-ending massage, find a professional escort who offers these services. This escort will start your experience with a standard massage, gradually grow your arousal and help you build your pleasure, eventually enabling you to release your sexual tension. Look for trained and professional escorts that will help you in achieving your happy-ending fantasy.