How Can A Bedroom Humidifier Benefit Your Sleep

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The fast-paced lifestyle we are living can get pretty stressful and at times it just seems like we don’t have even 30 minutes to spare for us or our loved ones. And if you want to have a successful and a well-planned daily routine you will need to get the most out of your nighttime. When we say nighttime we think about sleep.

A lot of people tend to forget that a healthy sleep routine is crucial and without it, you are putting your overall physical and mental health at risk. Setting the right environment for your sleep is crucial – this includes turning off the lights, putting away any technology and ensuring that the air quality in your room is on point. Though most people aren’t aware of it air quality can widely affect your sleep routine, and dry air is one of the biggest reasons why people snore. Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at how getting a humidifier for bedroom might improve your sleep hours!

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How Can Dry Air Affect Your Sleep

No one likes snoring – it isn’t healthy for the one who is snoring and it isn’t pleasant for those who are around. Snoring is usually caused either by existing breathing problems or a certain sleep position (like sleeping on your back). On the other hand, certain environmental factors can have an effect as well and dry air is known to trigger snoring. It is simple – dry air can make the membranes in your mouth arid and it can in terms cause that vibrating which eventually produces a nasty snore sound. But how can you solve this problem? Well first and foremost your goal should be to keep yourself hydrated and your throat moist during the day. Along with that, changing your sleeping position might be of help as well and of course, remove certain habits that have an influence on your respiratory system. Last but not least if you are having problems with dry air in your room investing in a humidifier for bedroom seems like a great option. And not all humidifiers have to be expensive – you can find effective ones for just a few dollars!

Benefits Of Buying A Humidifier For Bedroom

Investing in an evaporative humidifier can be of great benefit to your overall health. First and foremost, by achieving humidity levels that are over 43% you are going to be at a lower risk of developing allergies, irritation or any kind of itchiness that is usually caused by dry air. Along with that, dander from your pet’s hair will not make a problem either. And a great thing about a humidifier is the fact that you will probably save on electric bills as well – humid air will allow you to be cozy even at temperature settings that are not as high.

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Best Humidifiers Out There

1. Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function. If we are looking at high-end humidifiers this Sharp KC-850U is probably your best choice. Though the price is at around $350 it is absolutely worth it and you will be looking at a completely healthy air free of any allergens, pathogens, germs, and dander that could irritate you. It purifies the air and then increases the humidity levels up to the desired levels. A great thing about it is that it doesn’t take much space either and with a sleek design it is sure to fit on any side table. It detects the odor and monitors humidity adjusting the levels accordingly. Along with that, you will not even notice it working and it can’t interrupt your sleep as it produces almost no sound even on medium speed. The filters are durable and should last you quite a time with the proper maintenance. One of the biggest cons of this humidifier is the fact that there is no remote control and once the filters wear off replacement can be quite pricey. Still, if you are willing to invest a few hundred dollars in a humidifier this one is an excellent choice!

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2. Honeywell Filter-Free Warm Steam Vaporizer. As an absolute contrary to the product mentioned above, this one is almost ten times cheaper but lacks features as well. Still, it is an excellent choice for any small or medium room when it comes to coping with the dry winter air. It is quite and a filled tank (of up to one gallon) can last do the work for the next 24 hours. It is subtle and doesn’t make much noise. On the other hand, there are only two power modes and it isn’t as durable as the previous one. Still for a price of around $35 it is an excellent choice and a great budget humidifier!


If you are having troubles with maintaining your sleep routine and dry air is affecting you as well investing in a good humidifier for the bedroom is always a good choice. The market is diverse so you will be able to choose a humidifier that is wont affect your budget as much but will still do good work!