How to Avoid Mistakes in Decorating Your Kid`s Room 

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When you decorate and chose the furniture for kids room you should take that very seriously. You must pay attention to more than one thing and you will be faced will a lot of important details. The children consider their room as their home and at the first place, a little home must be safe. Every protective measure must be taken before the little one start living in the room. In the article down below you can read about all mistakes and how to avoid them when you are decorating your kids room.  

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Furniture Mistakes 

  • The first and the most important rule for decorating kids room is more space less furniture. You do not want your child hit the table or the chair when he is moving into the room. 
  • The best way for decoration are pictures from their favorite cartoon or book you should not decorate with glass objects like vases, figures, and chandelier. Breaking glass can hurt your child.
  • On the floor, you should put the soft rub with short fibers because carpets with long fibers are full of dust and bacteria. You can put a wooden floor instead of tiles because wood is warmer than the tiles.
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Mistakes that Expose Them to Harm 

  • The major mistake is to not cover the power outlets because every child in some point of his life wants to put finger or piece of metal in power outlets holes.  
  • You must clean or vacuum the floor or soft rug twice a day because little child puts everything in the mouth. They can pick infection, bacteria or choke with something small forgot on the floor. 
  • You need to incorporate some kind of cushion in their crib because they hurt themselves while sleeping because they bump on the sharp wooden edges of the crib.