How to choose the perfect church hat

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Church hats have been around for a long time. Their main features are that they are bold, elegant, pretty, and they have a long history. Church hat can also say something about the person wearing it. The way of dressing for church, for some women, is considered as an opportunity to show their respect for God. Hats don’t speak solely about their respect to God, but also about the personality of the wearer.

Women have worn carefully chosen hats to church for many years now and they have passed the habit to their children. Wearing the finest clothes and hats to church carried spiritual as well as cultural significance. Even though wearing hats to church originates from the Bible, now it’s also seen as an important fashion statement. It is now a stylish part of every church outfit.

Church hats are eye-catching, colorful, have bold patterns, and are being taken very seriously. Different designs, shapes, and colors can also speak a lot about a person’s social status or fashion habits.

How to find the perfect one?

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Which church hat will be perfect for which Sunday depends on several factors.

Different seasons call for different types of hats. While Spring calls for light-colored, pastel hats, rainy days are a time for darker colors. If you wish to see some beautiful examples of big and colorful hats, go to Designer Church Suits website.

When choosing a hat, you should consider the width of the hat, the shape of your face, and what is your outfit for the day. You want to match the hat with your dress, skirt, or shoes. The hats that are way too big can simply be distracting, but you still have every right to stand out as much as you wish.

Some prefer the hats with a really wide brim, while some go for a simpler version, it’s all about preferences. As long as you combine it well with the rest of your outfit and your mood, you’re good to go.

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Make sure not to wear the hats that are old and worn out. Careful maintenance is necessary, and so is replacement sometimes. Going to church is a formal event and you should act and dress accordingly. You can always ask a fashion expert or a friend for advice about choosing a hat that fits you best.

Another way to show your imagination and creativity is to design your own hat. You can simply buy a plain hat that has a shape that goes well with the shape of your head and face and decorates it as you wish. This can tell people more about your personality and you will undoubtedly get some compliments. You can use lace and different decorations in order to give it a more personal touch and avoid having the same hat as the other ten women in the church that day.

It seems that senior women usually go for darker colored hats, while younger typically choose lighter colors. It isn’t a rule, but it simply seems to be the case with the majority of women.