Are Used Auto Parts Reliable?

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Is buying used auto parts considered smart? Are used auto parts reliable? The answer to these two questions lies on every American car owner’s mind who doesn’t want to pay the insane amounts of money that most car dealerships ask when they bring in their cars for repairs.

The best thing about used auto parts is that they are much cheaper than buying the same new part. While this is not always the case, as there can be specific parts for older cars that are not manufactured anymore so the only way to get them is to buy them as used parts. These parts can often times cost a small fortune but for most cases, used auto parts are generally considered much cheaper than buying new.

Instantly, the first negative thought that comes to mind when buying used auto parts, is that have been previously used by other people. That certainly makes them more unreliable than buying new, but can a case be made for buying used in comparison to the price of the part?

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Another thing to mention when buying used auto parts is that in the case of electrical auto parts most companies will not give you a warranty when buying used. So there is a risk of the part breaking down in the near future, but there is always the case of the part working to perfection. So, naturally, we can agree that buying used auto parts has its risks, but it also has its rewards.

How to make sure you’re buying well?

Whenever we need a part and we don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money, we buy used. Whenever we buy used, we tend to overwhelm the seller with questions. And you should not shy away from it. Ask as many questions as you want. You are buying something and you want it to be worth your money and time. Ask about the state of the donor car’s part. Ask about the state of the part, the condition, the quality of the part. Ask whether they will give you a warranty, etc. Ask as many questions as you want, and ask the necessary questions as the seller can give you crucial information. Based on this information, you can make your decision whether you want to buy that specific used auto part or not.

How reliable is the method of buying used?

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If you ask the right questions and if you learn as much as possible before buying the part, the reliability can eighter be positive or negative.

There are parts that you don’t need to ask questions, such as tail lights. Tail lights are tail lights. There are a couple of wires that you need to connect, nothing more. So there is no point in buying new when you can get them much cheaper at a junkyard. But there are certain parts that do require your full attention to detail. For example, you should never buy used brake pads or window wiper blades. These types of parts are generally not that expensive, and chances are they would wear off faster if you buy them as used parts. For most cases, buying used auto parts is generally considered a quite reliable method of purchasing parts.