How To Choose The Right Fireplace For Your Home

Fireplaces offer a comfortable place for family and friends to gather and enjoy the pleasant ambiance. Therefore, you must choose the right fireplace for your home (in appearance, material, and other features) that will be a positive element in your space and that you will be able to use it to its full potential. There are several different types and applications, so you can easily find one that you like and that fits your purpose and budget. If you want to learn more about different types of fireplaces go check Barbas Bellfires.

This is a great choice for those who are romantic and love to have their winter evenings flow in the warmth of their home, but also for those who would like to make the most of a summer night’s cozy atmosphere created by authentic fireplaces. And although much more modern systems are used today for heating, the fireplace has not been forgotten either. It can be found in various variations today, and some do not even require wood.

How To Choose The Perfect Fireplace?

If you are considering enriching your home with this kind of heating, here are some dilemmas that need to be addressed first. Traditional models often do not fit into the contemporary style of interior decoration, but there are plenty of models whose appearance and functionality meet the contemporary needs of life. For instance, gas fireplaces are a great alternative if you live in a small apartment in the city, which makes it inconvenient for you to buy wood.

The choice of this kind of heating is influenced by several factors, and it will be much easier if you ask yourself three basic questions before buying:

– How much space do you want to heat up with your new fireplace?

– What type is best for your home? Wood or gaz?

– How much money are you willing to spend to buy a new heating device?

Secondary questions include:

– How much space do you want to allow to your fireplace?
– Where do you want to install it? In your living-room, in your bedroom, in your kitchen?

You can choose from several different models, depending on where you place it. The most common (and seemingly best known) choice is a flat cartridge, which is glazed on one side only. The cornered fireplace has glass on both sides (front and left or right, depending on where you want to place it). You can also choose a modern type that has glass on two or three sides or a tunnel model with two glazed sides. This is great when you want to place it in the middle of the room, so you can watch the flames from one side of the room to the other through the flames.

The crackling of the fire in it soothes and creates a special sense of satisfaction. It seems that this traditional way of heating will always be popular because fireplaces not only heat the space, they make it beautiful. When choosing a perfect type for you, a lot of attention is paid to its shape and design, so that it will fit perfectly into the space that will spread the heat.

The most pleasant feeling is created by the wood-burning model. The wood, with sufficient air supply, burns completely. Wood types like beech and oak are most commonly used since they burn better. Another advantage of wood-burning fireplaces is that you can burn some of your waste in it, like nutshell or raw cardboard and paper. But make sure not to throw in any printed paper or packaging with any kind of plastic in it, as it could produce toxic fumes.

A Litle Bit Of History And Reasons Why You Should Choose A Fireplace

If the fireplace remains as current today, it is undoubtedly because the fire has always – or almost – been at the heart of the life of Man. Although it took us thousand of years to master it, it was one of the earliest discoveries of the human species and has been our first source of energy. Still today, many people appreciate the pleasure of meditating in front of flames and being transported by the well-being that their sight provides. To the earlier human, fire represents heat, light and protection. And even if we do not use it for the same reasons today – main reasons are now usually just comfort and well-being, although it is also safer than an open chimney –, this explains why it is so good to contemplate a fire during our winter or summer evenings. Much better than watching TV, isn’t it?

A german study has even analysed the influence of wood fireplaces on people and has proved that people owning a wood fireplace at home usually feel better and in better health than people who do not. When asked if they feel good, 98% answered yes, against 87% for people who do not have one, and when asked if they feel healthy, 93% said yes, against 62% for people without a fireplace. It is undeniable than the sight of fire is very relaxing and helps to reduce our level of stress level, source of many evils.

Reproducing firewood thanks to gaz has probably been one of the most judicious invention of modern Man. This has considerably helped to reduce household energy expenditure at a time when climate issues are controversial. Some countries like France have experienced a remarquable evolution in this field: in the past few years, approximately 85% of the population has connected  to cities gaz network, contributing significantly to energy saving worldwide.

Global awareness of climate issue is growing, as well as the need for people to return to their traditional values. Today, gas fireplaces are therefore the best way to preserve Man’s traditional love for flames while taking care of the environment by reducing carbon footprint. Not to mention the economic benefit it represents for people and families. On the other hand, wood that is used for a wood fireplace can be replanted. This way people compensate for their usage of wood.