How to get your music on Spotify playlists

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Every musician and artist want to know the answer to this question how to get your music on Spotify playlists. A lot of armature artist have inspiring stories who have a chance to get your songs on popular playlists. Getting your music on a popular playlist is definitely a great way to get your tracks heard by the millions. But how to get your music on Spotify playlists? More Spotify plays to enhance the odds to get on Spotify playlists. That’s why most of the artists and musicians buy Spotify plays from wbix to increase their exposure. Today, we will discuss some tips that could make your music more enticing for playlist curators and help your music to feature on popular Spotify playlists. Read on!

Sign up for Spotify for Artists

When you sign up for Spotify for artist account then it will improve your credibility by getting you verified on Spotify. When you get verified on Spotify, you can access to all type of features including notifications and analytics. You can track the data with the help of analytics and see which song or track gives you more followers and plays without buying Spotify plays.

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Promote Your Music through Your Own Spotify Playlists

Start promoting your music through your own playlists on Spotify. Create your own playlist and share its link to your followers. You can also curate the theme-based playlist that includes tracks of other bands, artists and musicians. But remember, don’t include your own song in this playlist. Only use popular songs to make this playlist authentic.

Pitch Your Songs to Independent Spotify Playlist Owners

First off, do some research and find that playlist you want to target to pitch your songs. Make sure that these playlists have the same music genre as yours. Then start pitching your music to independent Spotify playlist curators. Make a spreadsheet that suits with your genre and includes the link of your playlist, contact information, playlist and owner name in it. Most of the curator doesn’t contact the artists on Spotify, so it is better to contact them on their social profiles like Facebook, etc. Approach to all the curators with the purpose of building a strong relationship with them.

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Support Playlists that include your tracks

When your track gets featured on a popular playlist then support it by sharing its link within and outside the platform. You can share the URL of this playlist on your social media and ask your fans to listen to your music on this playlist. It will give you a number of plays and followers on Spotify without buying Spotify plays. When you are dealing with independent playlist owners on Spotify then form a good relationship to get most out of this.

Get Featured on Blogs

Next, try to get featured on blogs. Find the music bloggers who have also playlist curators on Spotify and ask them to get your music placed on their playlists. These are the surefire ways to not only get your music on Spotify playlist but also give you more plays on Spotify without buying Spotify plays.