How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the Season of Flu?

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Nobody really enjoys when they are sick. However, it can be a worse feeling when someone you love and care about becomes sick. Parents have it the worst because if their child has the flu or a cold, and they themselves are busy with work, they spend whole days worrying and not being able to help them. Some take time from work, or still send the kids to school, to practices that are not ideal.

Preventing Your Child’s Flu

So, what can be done? Well, actually, you can do a lot. Following are some of the most successful ways to prevent your child from becoming sick this and every other flu season!

Healthier Diet

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You will always encounter some germs. However, you can prepare the body of your child for them and make it stronger. The immune system defends us from the germs, and it is strengthened with quality food like vegetables and fruit, it will fend off ailments faster, or block them out completely. Immune boosting food also exist!

Washing Hands

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From a very young age, show your kids and teach them how to wash their hands. Make it like a chore that they must-do if you have to because they will benefit throughout their lives. Everyone should always wash their hands after using the bathroom, before and after meals, after coming inside the house no matter where you went and what you touched, and of course, after dealing with another sick person or after you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose.

Avoid Germs

As we said, it is impossible to avoid all germs. However, the risk can be reduced greatly if you teach your children some useful and healthy practices. They should never share drinks, food, or utensils at school. As mentioned previously, hand washing is crucial, but teach them about soap and overall hygiene. Before social events, as much as you can, think about the health of other invitees. They should be taught to both sneeze and cough into their elbows instead of hands. Last but not least, buy them some antibacterial wet wipes they will carry in their bags, and show them how to use those properly.

Keep them Home when Sick

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This is both beneficial to your child and respectful to others. However, it can be hard to achieve if you work. Some parents have a very strict off day or sick day policy. If they cannot stay home for a day or two, they must call in the family willing to babysit a sick child. Most of these cold and flu viruses easily spread through air and touch, and it is therefore easy to make others sick as well. Also, since they are not resting comfortably and taking vitamins, they might need longer to get better!


Now that you know all the tips and tricks make sure your child never suffers again! Proper education and a combination of these practices equal a happy and healthy child. If you want to know more about the cold, flu, or any other issue you might come across, experts with are always ready to help their patients!