How To Make Money Online As A Kid In 2024 – Top 6 Ideas

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If you’re a kid, you might want to read this post. If you are a parent and you have kids who would love to start making their own money, although you firmly believe that they’re still your babies, you’ll want to read it too. These are some of the most effective ways for the youngest ones to feel productive and earn their pocket money – not even having to leave all the comfort of their rooms.

Let’s explain this: first of all, to avoid misunderstandings, the goal is NOT to enslave children or exploit them to earn money. The situation is quite simple – they should do it because they want it. Many youngers get more affected by the idea of welcoming the money by working on their own. And, even though it might sound scary, especially if they’re really kiddies, that is, not even adolescents yet, it might be rather interesting and educating. So, it’s not a matter of exploiting them – but simply teaching them from an early age to cherish and appreciate all that’s given to them in life.

Well, in case they’re not really interested in mowing or taking other people’s pets for a walk, they can easily start making money doing the things they love without having to leave home. The only thing they need is a computer, an Internet connection and some free time and goodwill. Earning their own few bucks using these is much easier than you think. Whether it’s a preschooler who wants a new toy, or a teenager who wants a new iPad, there are definitely some ways for them to do it. In some cases, to even have fun fulfilling their juvenile needs.

1. They can give classes online to younger children

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Is your little fellow good with computers? Knows about robotics? How to speak any language? If you think they’d be able to explain things well and help others obtain some knowledge and improve, advise them to take advantage of it. Let them ask their school friends if they know anybody who needs extra classes – if they don’t, they can publish some kind of an ad on websites that offer teaching services.

No need to say, this needs to be; as a parent, you should always know who they’re talking to and about what. Make sure that teaching they’re performing won’t take much of their own time for daily activities or studying. But long story short – this is a lovely way to be helpful, develop some soft skills and help others learn – it’ll make them feel useful. Also, cash can be quite awesome.

2. They can sell items to collectors

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In case your children ever collected something, and they no longer play with it, or they no longer want it, there’s always a possibility to sell it through websites such as eBay or Amazon. For example, little soldier figures or that toy box on the shelf that has never been opened, dolls… collectors sometimes pay a whole fortune in exchange for possessing them.

Except for toys, there are also some other items that can be sold, like old games they don’t play anymore, their old clothes or other antique items. There’s a really, really good chance that someone might be interested in these, so do your parental job and help them establish a reasonable price and describe the condition of the items honestly.

Also, assist them with setting up an account on one auction or direct sale websites. These earnings might be smaller than the ones you can get from the previous idea, but it might surprise you how much money people are willing to spend on items in good condition.

3. They can sell their own crafts or handmade things

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Many parents notice particular talents while observing their children’s behavior and they often encourage them to keep developing the qualities they have. If you noticed that your little one expresses special creativity or a special affection for activities like crafting, making stuff out of paper or cooking, let them use it as their income source.

Making shell bracelets or necklaces and then selling them on the Internet is more than easy – they could get an approximate price of 2 to 5 euros. Cooking talent can easily turn into a super cool muffin/cookies/cupcake selling business, just like painting, taking beautiful photos or doing any other creative work that other people and their friends would find interesting.

4. They can do online surveys

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Here, another field in which your little ones can profit legitimately. Market research is crucial for almost every huge company. Thus, survey pages are one of the rather relevant ways in which they can find out how to improve or simply have the insight into the opinions of their consumers.

It’s good to know that there are too many scams and fraudulent websites, so you should always be there to check this on your kid’s behalf before letting them get involved in such activities. Help them look for some legitimate web pages of surveys that pay a small amount of money if they answer some questions or give their opinion on some topics or brands, like this website.

This way, they won’t really be able to make enough money to buy their first car, but some extra money’s always welcome. Many of the surveys are quick, simple and easily done from the comfort of your room, so at least it’s worth trying.

5. They can make their own YouTube channel

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Here we have (probably) the most perspective one. As YouTube has become immensely popular among youngsters and teenagers thanks to various influencers and entertainers, there’s no such thing as a miss with it. Of course, if the child feels comfortable to share some things with millions of people, this might be a great suggestion.

The best part is certainly a wide and vivid range of possibilities here. Let them find their own inspiration and do what they know how to do best and upload videos that demonstrate their skills to the Internet. All people are good at something – whether it’s playing the guitar, giving advice related to studying or any other fields, making practical jokes, playing PC games or simply being funny and able to make catchy content. After having a certain number of visits, YouTube starts paying them. However, of course, this must be done with parental supervision, too – you’re always supposed to be informed about the nature of the content and able to see the final product.

6. They can start a blog

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The youngest ones have been born in the technology era – and therefore, they have that surprising, almost shocking ease of handling computers and cell phones. Having this in mind, if they’re talented for writing as well, they shouldn’t exclude the possibility of creating their own thematic blog and make it generate money with advertising and some affiliates.

It’s likely that many pages will request being of legal age in order to register, so in this case, they should also have all the help you can offer them. In case you’re not sure how to do it, you can ask for support from people you trust a lot. Making the respective records will help them charge the profits until their age of majority.