How to Setup Super Quick Composting


If you are looking for a quick and efficient means of composting, this article is here for you!

Did you know that you can achieve quick results by composting above the ground? You can achieve this by using Eco-eze Compot from Dave’s Pet and Garden supplies. Using this method you can achieve more efficiency at composting more than just your kitchen waste.

Why is above-ground composting using a Compot an efficient choice?


The more important members in the above-ground composting are the worms and soldier flies. The worms by nature tend to level out the soil all the time keeping the contents inside your above-ground compot down into the soil below. When the soil gets segregated, all you have to do is keep top-up your compot.

With your kitchen waste, the Soldier Flies do all the labour-intensive jobs within the compot. While handling the bulky fibrous debris on the outside of the Compot, the worms conduct all the labour-intensive task. The contents of your compot keep getting smaller because the soldier flies are so swift and effective. The leachate that is created as a result of this process seeps into the ground below and feeds your garden.

Paper, cardboard, and weeds can all be broken down more effectively by the worms. They perform their magic on the Compot’s exterior, dissolving this fibrous trash. The Compot is insulated by this outer layer of paper and cardboard, which keeps all the insect content inside. You can fill this area with soil if you’d like. Use of paper and cardboard allows me to compost materials other than just kitchen waste.

The insects and other creatures that can be found inside this system all assist in lowering the contents of the earth below.

By using this technique, less rubbish will wind up in your local landfill. And without the tedious labour that composting typically entails.

This is not to argue that other approaches are bad or ineffective. It’s true. And depending on your goals, each has a specific position in the garden. or the level of effort you desire.

The other composting techniques typically call either spinning or tumbling. Because of their size and how they work, they are also typically slower.

Composting can be done quickly and easily using the above-ground approach with a Compot.

What can I put in my Com-pot?


Put “ALL” of your kitchen waste in your composter. similar to what you would put in a Compot that was buried.

Meat, citrous fruits, onions, oil, dairy products, paper towels, and stale dried beans. Anything biodegradable, including your animal waste, peas, flour, nuts, protein powder, coffee, and tea bags. anything you generate in your kitchen, in actuality. You don’t need to put anything in the trash.

Do not forget to store your wastewater in the same container as your scraps. The faeces ferments when it soaks for a few days (or however long you can stand it). The Soldier Fly is drawn to the smell of fermentation, although many canines and other garden creatures avoid it.

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