Impact Of The Tamil Music On The Modern Musical Genres

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Music in general always had a very important impact on culture, people and various customs. It is also a very important role in people’s lives, and it helps people in many ways. It is good for developing skills in children and it is used in teaching. Music can help us deal with stress and it is always there for us, whether we are feeling happy or sad. People can’t imagine parties, gatherings, films, plays and many other things without music.

Traditional music had a strong impact on many modern genres, and the same is with Tamil music. We are going to talk a little bit more about the impact of Tamil music on today’s modern musical genres.

What is Tamil culture and music?

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We can say that Tamil culture is 2200 years old, but there is some evidence that it is even older than that. Tamil is also the oldest living language in the whole world. This culture is the culture of the Tamil people. The music of this culture has a very long tradition and history, and it is very important for Tamil people. It is a significant aspect of marriage and temple festival Tamil people.

The roots of this traditional music go back to the earliest period of Tamil culture. The first traces of music were found in the ancient Sangam books, and various forms of it were described in these books. The Tamil musical tradition was embellished through compositions of Tamil hymns known as Thiruppugazh, by a poet Arunagirinathar. This type of music is still popular nowadays and it can be found in rural areas. There are many tribes of Tamil Nadu, and each of them has their own traditional folk music.

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The impact on Modern Genres

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There are many artist that try to revive interest in this kind of traditional folk music, like Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan.

You can Tamil music also in the cinema because it was used in many films and it is still used. The most famous film composer in India A. R. Rahman is from Tamil Nadu, and he uses this music in his compositions. If it weren’t for this culture, everything you are used to and you know about will never exist. This kind of music is interesting and well known, it is innovative and eclectic. Today it is combined with Western sounds and instruments and the result is something unique, but also very interesting and traditional. Today it is popular to use electronic instruments and synthesizers to make something more interesting but similar to Tamil.

If you never heard about this before, we strongly recommend you to listen to some old and some new compositions so you can introduce yourself to this kind of music. It is beautiful and powerful. And because it had such a strong impact on modern music genres it should not be forgotten.