Why You Need to Invest in Rose Gold Jewelry

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The popularity of rose gold has been growing steadily in recent years and this has resulted in an increasing variety of rose gold jewelry. Anyone who is looking to find their favorite piece in this unusual color will no doubt be able to find it. And why is it worth getting a piece of rose gold jewelry? You’ll find the answer to this question in this article.

The origin of rose gold

Pure gold on its own is too soft to be used in jewelry. For this reason, jewelry is always made from alloys which can have different proportions of gold and other metals. We most commonly use 14ct gold with the designation 585/1000 which means that the alloy contains 58.5% of pure gold. And in a rose gold alloy, in addition to the gold there is also a large proportion of copper which is responsible for its color as well as its exceptional durability.

But please note! It may happen that rose gold jewelry might acquire a darker tinge over the years. However this is natural and is due to its copper content. It does not devalue the jewelry, rather it adds to its uniqueness.

How to wear and combine rose gold

The experts at the KLENOTA jewelry studio recommend looking around for rose gold jewelry with gemstones such as morganites, tourmalines and pink sapphires. These will add to the overall romantic effect of rose gold. You could wear a gold ring with a morganite together with a loose dress, a floral blouse or use it as an element to break up the currently popular monochrome look.

Generally speaking, neutral and nude colors suit rose gold jewelry so it works well with white, shades of beige and brown and various warm tones. And a statement necklace in rose gold will make an absolutely grand impression with a black outfit.

Don’t be afraid to layer with other gold colors

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Rose gold goes well with all skin tones but also with both of the other colors of gold so don’t be afraid to experiment. Necklaces, bracelets and even rose gold rings can be layered well. To begin with, you could stick to the basic rule of always using three pieces. If you choose yellow gold to mix and match, match your outfit with warm tones while cool shades of color will stand out nicely with white gold. Over time, as you get more experienced in layer ing, you won’t have to be afraid of bold combinations either.

A wedding with rose gold jewelry? Why not!

In the world of weddings, rose gold jewelry is a big trend. Its soft colours make it just right for this, but it’s not the only reason. Diamonds also look great in rose gold, especially when there are multiple sparkling diamonds on a particular piece or they have an exceptional shape or cut. You’ll find distinctive marquise cut diamonds, sparkling radiant cuts and hearts on engagement rings. Brides-to-be who are looking for an elegant wedding ring and who prefer small stones can opt for a pavé rose gold diamond ring.

If there’s one thing that’s truly an undeniable advantage of gold, it is its versatility and timelessness. And this is especially true of rose gold. It serves as the perfect accessory not only if you’re looking for a modern piece of jewelry, but also if you’re looking for something understated and refined, you are tempted by a vintage look or you want to coordinate with warm color tones. And it will make you happy for years to come.