How To Plan A Wedding – 2024 Guide


In today’s modern and technological world planning a wedding takes on many diverse forms and sometimes quite bizarre approaches. A wedding in its traditional form is a collective family and respected religious union of two people declaring their vows and love for each other, however, in the 21st century the happy couple will often include extra and non-conventional aspects to make their glorious day even more inclusive and blissful. Whatever your style or approach to getting married there is a set of basic and necessary arrangements and responsibilities required to make a wedding a memorable occasion for all concerned whether it is with a chosen few or a mega-party. There are many pro organisations or companies that offer the complete service for your wedding day but they too follow the standard rules, so, let’s go through the stages on How to Plan a Wedding.

The date has been provisionally set for your wedding as venue availability needs to be confirmed. So, a meeting between the two families of the betrothed to determine a budget and who pays as traditionally the father of the bride foots the bill but in these times the parents of both families agree to share the expenses.



This is an essential factor to determine in the early stages, a nominal sum is good to know and work with.

Venues & Church or Civil Office availability

Another important factor which will influence the actual date of the wedding ceremony combined with the reception venue. Naturally, the earliest you get in contact with them will help decide the number of guests to invite. You could also rent marquee to cater for a precise number of guests if reception venues are difficult to book.

Guest List


This can prove to be a mammoth task especially if the parents wish to add some guests they feel should be there. This point needs to be addressed early on and can be confirmed later when the venue is secured and final number of guests that will attend. Also, some couples invite guests for the reception only

Wedding Roles

This involves all the people who participate in the actual service, ceremony and reception. The Groom nominates his Best Man and the Bride her Maid of Honour with bridesmaids and page boys from both families included. Ushers, people who help and direct the guests to the correct places both at the ceremony and reception. It has been known for the traditional roles to be inverted, that is, the Groom chooses a Best Woman or the Bride chooses a Bridesman.

Legal Application


This is to prove you are eligible to marry and must be done early especially if it is not your first time in a marriage ceremony.


Most venues have a special wedding menu to suit your budget and number of guests. However, you may wish to use an independent supplier so make sure they have access to preparation areas in the venue. The wedding cake size is ordered according to the number of guests to be able to give everyone present a slice. Also, be sure to let the caterer know how many vegetarians and vegans are coming they can provide suitable meals.

Gifts & Presents for the main wedding party & guests


A personal thank you gift for the parents, Best Man & Maid of Honour along with a bonbonniere commemorative gift for the guests. Also, the button-hole flowers for all attending given out at the ceremony by the ushers.

Drinks, Spirits & Wine

Here you decide what is served with the food and what is served directly from the bar. Usually everything is pre-paid but you can introduce a limit should you have ulterior ideas or suppliers.

Create a website or media page


This is very common these days for couples to keep guests informed and the trend is to add a wedding gift list for the guests. This allows the guests to choose an item that you have listed, so that you avoid double or triple of the same thing. Another trend is that the Bride & Groom ask for a donation to a charity foundation instead of a personal gift. The most important information can be easily checked, dates, times, places, how to get to the ceremony and reception, hotel arrangements and wedding reception seating.

Accommodation Bookings

As most specialised wedding venues also have rooms available for the guests it is advisable to see who requires more than one night as they may be coming from abroad and need it as a courtesy. This will be confirmed when you have the official guest list number. However, it is best to check for alternative accommodation just in case it’s required.

Special Services


This covers the providers of transport, entertainment and accessories. What kind of vehicle does the Bride arrive what vehicle does the happily married couple leave in, or maybe you have decided on a decorative horse & carriage, no matter the choice it has to be reserved. Will you have a live band playing or just a Wedding DJ or both. Flowers, will you need them in the church or civil office and the reception table bouquets plus will the Bridesmaids carry a posy and it’s traditional for the mother of the bride to receive flowers along with the bride herself. The wedding photographer and film-maker to capture the whole day. Some weddings, if there are a lot of children bring in a party animator to keep the children entertained during the reception and even a bouncy inflatable castle set up on one occasion that entertained everybody at times. Make-up artist and hair specialist is also another essential service and not only for the bride.

Wedding Dress & Groom Suit

As you know a traditional wedding dress is pure white and the groom wears a morning suit, however, these days many couples choose to theme dress based on a period of time in history or colour or beliefs. Often the guests also follow in theme with the couple.

The Rings, Bands of gold


The wedding rings once acquired must be kept safe and sound until the big day. Although the traditional band of gold is symbolic as being married these modern times other styles of rings have been introduced. The Best Man has the honoured duty of keeping them safe until he or she hands them over in the ceremony when asked to

Stag & Hen Party

Once again the Best Man and the Maid of Honour are called upon to fulfil the honoured duty of organising a night of celebration to the future respective groom & bride. According to surveys a Hen Party actually celebrates all the niceties of getting married with discussions of what the bride expects life will be like when she and the groom set up home together whereas on a Stag Party the Best Man intentionally and continually humiliates the Stag at every possible moment. Debauchery, excessive alcohol drinking, strip shows and general humiliation is the main theme. For some inspiration you might want to have a look at Krakow Stag Do experts web:

The Big Glorious Day


Get married and enjoy it. Don’t look back until you are in the motor to say goodbye to all your wonderful guests. Then you and your wife are whisked off to your honeymoon destination. Good Luck!