Is he the one? Here’s how to know after a first date

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You finish a date, start walking home and as soon as the thrill and the excitement wear off, you start contemplating if he’s going to call you again. Sounds familiar? If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all spent hours waiting for a guy to call, dissecting every little thing we did or said during the date and calculating how that might have affected the date. So, for all the ladies out there waiting by the phone, here’s a little help on how to know if he’s the one.

Did the date last longer than expected?

If the answer is yes, you’re a small step closer to finding your soul mate. Sounds too simple, but think about it: you both had fun, lost track of what is going on around you, no one wanted to be the reason the date was ending, and so you stayed an hour or two longer than you expected. If he offered to take you somewhere else after the dinner and you agreed, that’s a very good sign. Knowing that you have a good reason to be excited about a second date.

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Sometimes, what you can expect from the date is clear from the start and many are often trying to be open about the fact that they want something casual. One way to set up a casual encounter is via w4m, so if casual is what you’re going for, be open about it.

Were you able to act naturally?

If you were able to talk about anything you wanted in the most natural way possible, without having a need to steer the conversation in a different direction thinking that he was uncomfortable or uninterested in the topic, then you’re on the right track to finding the one. The ability to talk about everything with your significant other is crucial for every relationship. Sometimes you’re not going to want to hear about basketball and how amazing that dunk was, but seeing him so excited about it is all you need to keep listening with a sincere smile on your face. The same goes for him, if he seemed to honestly enjoy the natural you and your stories then there might be a chance that he, indeed, is the one for you.

Were you too excited?

Being too excited and nervous during the date isn’t a good sign. You’re not comfortable, natural and you’re overthinking your every move and every word. Anxiety is a defense mechanism steering you away from danger, or in this case, from someone who, in all likelihood, isn’t your soul mate.

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Being completely free of worries, feeling comfortable and relaxed are the best signs that you find this person pleasant to be around and those feeling are what will make you want a second date. What’s more, by being too nervous, you forget to keep an eye out for his cues showing you how he feels during the date.

Did you like it when he made physical contact?

Here, it’s important to differentiate excitement from enjoyment. You might feel excited that he decided to casually touch your hand during the movie or dinner but might figure out later that you did not like that one bit. This isn’t a reason to never go out with him again, but simply try to understand why you feel like you do and pinpoint the problem.

The search for “the one” can be a long and challenging one, unless you’re one of those lucky few that simply run into the love of their life on the street or a bookstore. Hopefully, this little guide helped with your search and if so, pass it on to the other girl that needs it!