What to do on Rose Day: The First Day of the Valentines’ Week

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Beginning the week-long gala of love, Rose day is the first day of the Valentines’ week that gives the opportunity to express your feelings for the special person in your life. Rose day is celebrated on 7th February to show how much affection one is holding for his or her beloved. By giving the love of your life a rose on this day, you are showing how special that person is in your life. However, Rose day is also celebrated to let go of the bitter bygone experiences you have with someone, patching up with him or her and starting a new journey. So a rose day is a celebration of peace too. For example, you might have hostility or hardship with one of your old school friends/colleague/a relative, you can consider sending him or her a white rose or a bunch of white roses to imply that you want to be on good terms with them.

What does a Rose signify? Why is Rose day celebrated?

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Roses, especially the red ones, are considered as a symbol of love. The Valentines’ week, as considered as the week of love starts with Rose day as it is believed that the fragrance and beauty of roses act as muse to initiate love. The reference goes back to the Roman era because the Romans turned Aphrodite into Venus – the Goddess of love and considered the flower Rose as the symbol of beauty as well as love. In Greek mythology, it is said that Aphrodite created this flower out of her blood and tears, which she shed for her love for Adonis. In the Roman legend, it is being said that Venus’ son Cupid shot an arrow in their garden of roses when a bee stung him. That arrow in the Rose garden caused the thorns in roses to grow long. When Venus was walking through her garden, her foot got pricked on a thorn and the droplets of her blood then changed the color of the roses to red.

So, red roses signify the intense love and affection one possesses for a particular person. Thus, a rose day is primarily celebrated to express love. However, since different colors of roses symbolise different emotions, a Rose day can be celebrated for expressing those emotions too. For example, white roses for peace, yellow roses for friendship and care, pink roses for grace, joy and orange ones to show admiration and enthusiasm. Peach roses are selected for showing gratitude, lavender ones to show the love one has cultivated from the very first sight. Considering that you can also consider giving lavender roses to your special one on the Rose day. If one desires to represent harmony in order to leave behind the bitter memories of the bygone days, he or she can also think of giving green rose as it symbolises harmony, fertility as well as opulence. Apart from the conventional practice of giving red roses only to the special person of your life, you can also invest your time in giving any of the aforementioned if you are possessing any of such emotions for anyone.

What can be done on a Rose Day?

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On a rose day, people prefer to give a rose to their special person to let them know that they hold a special place in their hearts. However, the way of giving and receiving roses changes as per the state of a relationship evolves. Based on that,  here are a set of ideas, which one can think of-

1. Proposal Stage

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This is the budding state of a love relationship. This is the stage where two individuals start liking each other though they are unable to express the same. On Rose day, those people can think of giving red roses to those they wish to be with for the rest of their lives. This stage primarily refers to the teenagers who develop strong emotions for their batchmates and search opportunities to open up their hearts. On  Rose day, they can think of directly meeting and giving roses to their special ones.

2. Commitment Stage

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This is the stage where both have committed to be with each other for the lifetime. In this stage, partners in love should consider gifting something larger than life. After accepting love and commitment, people generally prefer gifts, which are crafted with “out of the box” ideas. You can think about gifting a heart shaped large rose bouquet with a special note with it. Such a gift option would bring instant joy and create a romantic aura around the one who will receive the present. One can think of decorating an entire room with roses as a surprise gift on Rose day too. To buy, send or arrange such gift options, nowadays one can blindly rely on certain online shopping platforms. To know more, click here.

3. After marriage or mature stage

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This is the mature stage where two souls are committed in love. They are living with each other and growing together. In such a stage, rose day means reminiscing the beautiful days of their budding love. Lovers in this stage should think of gifting something that would help their partners to reflect on all the cherishing memories they have created together. As a gift, they can consider gifting Rose Potpourri or rose shaped and rose scented candles, which will work as aromatherapy. Such gifts will soothe the mind and help your partner to relax.

On rose day you are meant to express your love and true feelings and prepare your beloved special person for the next day, which is proposal day in the Valentines’ week. You must not miss the opportunity, which this day gives you to express your emotions. It is not that you cannot express your love with a rose in your hand to your beloved person any day of the year. However, by giving a rose on the first day of the Valentines’ week, will show the importance your heart carry for the one receiving the flower.