Is the TV in the Interior Still a Necessary Element or Already a Bad Manner?

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For many decades, television has been a compulsory interior item for every living room, being “in the most visible place” in compliance with all norms, rules, and angles for a good view.

However, in order for the television to be held in such esteem for such a long time, its developers had to fantasize, invent, introduce, modify and rejoice the fruits of successful innovations day and night. One of the results was sensitive monitors, which you can choose here

In the meantime, we will look at good and bad examples of the integration of modern TVs in the interior.

The TV on the Wall – the Win-Win Option

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Modern and fashionable televisions are not only an indicator of a certain status, a gathering place for the whole family in the evenings, or a means for viewing garbage, as opponents of broadcasting say. It is also a cool element of interior and decor. The color of the television panel can be matched to the color of the furniture, wall decoration.

Most often there are three primary colors on sale: black, silver, and dairy. Such shades are neutral and therefore almost any TV fits well in the interior of the living room, photos with different furniture clearly demonstrate this.

One of the main advantages of a flat screen is the ability to mount on a vertical plane. Many designers place plasma panels directly under the ceiling structures to save space in small rooms or for an unusual interior.

Built-in TV Screen

Developers of modular furniture most often provide a place for a TV. A popular placement option is when a central place is allocated for the TV monitor, in the middle of the rectangle, which is formed by high side cabinets, a lower cabinet, and an upper shelf. The version with furniture of dark shades looks especially noble – then the TV seems to merge with the furniture, due to this space becomes more integral, monolithic.

The Worst-Case – Tv over the Fireplace

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The fireplace looks appropriate in a cottage, a country house or, in extreme cases, in an apartment of at least one hundred square meters. A fireplace in a one-room or two-room apartment is already a perversion because a fireplace needs a place, not a neighborhood with a TV or an armchair. A fireplace is a place for communication, for calm and meaningful conversations, rather than sticking into the next reality show.

It is right in this situation to do so: it is necessary to make the surface of the fireplace as if merging with a television screen. Everything will look harmonious and the fireplace will not lose its assigned role.


Of course, the Internet with its YouTube is gradually becoming more popular than television. However, the TV will live in people’s apartments all over the planet for a long time. If you are now deciding on the rational integration of the TV into the interior, take our advice into account, but do not create a TV cult in the house.