How to Keep Yourself Protected From Emfs


Even though technology plays such a huge role in modern society, there are plenty of ways in which using various devices influences our overall health. No, we are not talking just about our eyes and the impact phones have on people’s social life in general.  Take EMFs as an example, which isn’t something we can see but can have a huge effect on our health. The good thing is that there is a solution to this problem, which is what we will further focus on today.

Avoid wireless devices


We live in a digital age, which means that there are plenty of solutions out there that make our lives easier and more convenient in every possible way. Wireless connections are preferable these days for one simple reason – we do not need to worry that we will trip over the cable while wandering around the house at night. Besides that, it is much easier to decorate the room without thinking about how to fit wires into the final decoration or how to hide them and make them invisible. Now, these are just some of the basic reasons why wireless connections are a much better, safer, and more decorative solution than anything else.

However, before choosing wireless and modern devices for our home, we need to know that they increase the EMFs, and one simple thing, such as cable, can help us live much healthier lives. Besides that, hardwired devices are usually much cheaper, so you will save some money and stay healthy at the same time, which is the most important. Health comes first, regardless of the topic we are talking about, as everything else matters much less. That is why we should always go with things that represent a healthier solution, and this can be applied to everything in life, and not just EMFs. But, if you are not a fan of hardwired earbuds and headphones, emf headphones can be the best solution for that.

Use the mobile phone smartly


Most people cannot imagine their day without their phones as they give them more options than ever. Namely, we all use phones on a daily basis, and most of us would not be able to function without them, as there are just way too many work-related things for which we use them. Of course, these changes didn’t happen overnight, but considering how rapidly the tech is advancing, recent changes surely brought many new things that we have already gotten used to.

A few decades ago, cell phones were used just for making calls or sending important messages, but today they do not differ from computers. Thanks to technology development, we can now use our phones to play games, search the internet, and even make a purchase straight from our beds. There is no doubt that it can be a great thing, but when it comes to EMFs, our phones are probably the most dangerous source. Because of that, we need to learn how to use them smartly and protect ourselves from EMFs, which can be pretty challenging for people who are used to holding their phones all the time.

Phones should be switched to airplane mode whenever we do not use them actively, especially while we sleep, as it prevents them from getting network signals, which reduces the EMFs. Placing them near our heads is not a good idea, and even if we need to make a call, it is always a better solution to use the speaker and hold them away. Although we can buy some devices that should block the EMFs and keep us safe, it is much better to keep a distance from them and turn on airplane mode whenever possible.

Take enough supplements


Our phones aren’t the only thing we have gotten used to lately, as today, taking various supplements to enhance our body image and boost our immune system is nothing uncommon. Now, it is impossible to avoid EMFs completely, and although you take all the preventive measures at home, there is always a risk at work, at a friend’s place, or anywhere else. Because of that, you should prepare your body for them, and luckily, there are some supplements that have proven to be good.

Magnesium is one of them, and besides the fact it is great for our memory, muscles, and overall health, it can reduce the bad effects calcium can have. It is important because calcium channels are sensitive to EMFs, so we need to make sure that magnesium levels in our blood are higher than calcium ones.

Another important mineral for our body is the zink, and research shows that it is able to reduce the effects of EMFs and stress on the cells during exposure. Besides minerals, antioxidants such as glutathione and rosemary extract can help calm the entire body, improve sleep and make our bodies much more resistant to EMFs. Overall, supplements can be extremely helpful, and today, when we are exposed to so many toxic things, taking them can truly be a lifesaver.

Protective gear


Just like for most things today, there is a simple tech solution for many things, and the same is with EMF radiation. Namely, plenty of things and appliances provide proven results in this area that you can find on the market, and they are called shielding technology. Now, to help you shorten the time you will spend searching for the best possible shielding tech, blankets and bed canopies have proved to be the best ones on the market. As for how they work, they are in charge of shutting off breakers and canopy fabrics with a plug-to-gator cord.



Once again, regardless of what some might think or how great wireless tech looks and how easy it makes decorating a home, hard wiring is always the best way to avoid EMFs. Of course, this applies to every possible sphere, from connecting a mouse and a keyboard to your PC to using corded landlines. Overall, we can all agree that there is no escape from EMFs, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything we can do to at least lower the damage they can cause.