6 Ways Ladies Golf Clubs are Unique 

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Women who consider taking up golf might be tempted to borrow hubby’s clubs to get a feel for the game. This might leave smaller, petite ladies feeling overwhelmed. Many women don’t realise there’s a whole different type of clubs designed to make ladies golf much more fun.

So, before you head out to the golf course Perth and other Australian cities are well known for, you should consider making a stop at the pro shop and looking at the ladies’ club options. What exactly are the key differences between men’s and women’s clubs? Does it matter which type of clubs you opt for? Read on to find out.

Why Would Women’s Clubs be Different to Men’s?

Initially, when men started playing golf, women were not allowed to take part in the game. Therefore, clubs and tees were then designed and improved to accommodate male players. Since men are generally taller and stronger than the average woman, their clubs were designed to suit the male body and strength levels.

Fortunately, years of revolution and advances in technology have seen clubs being designed for smaller, more petite players. Similar technologies are applied to both men’s and women’s golf equipment but now you get women’s clubs that are lighter, shorter as well as more flexible.

Putting the Feminine Touch On Your Swing

Having clubs that are easier to manage has made it easier for women with smaller statures to get the most out of their clubs. Let’s delve in and see what a few of these key differences are and how they might affect your game.

1. Length

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The biggest difference in women’s clubs is the length. For the most part, a standard men’s club is designed for a guy with a height of 5’9”. On the other hand, a standard women’s club is designed for someone measuring around 5’7”. This means the average women’s club is about ¾ to one inch shorter than the men’s option.

For ladies shorter than 5’3”, there are even petite options available. These are about one inch shorter than the women’s standard clubs.

Many women prefer to play with men’s clubs right out of the gate and find that the slight variations don’t make any difference to their general game. Taller women especially often opt to play with men’s standard clubs so it all comes down to preference and comfort.

2. Shaft

Men’s club shafts are primarily graphite or steel whereas women’s shafts are almost always graphite. The reason for graphite being the only option available for women is because it’s lighter and reduces the overall weight of the golf club. This helps women improve their swing speed as well as the distance of the shot.

3. Lofts

The loft on your golf club is generally used to launch the ball into the air. In this instance, women’s clubs are created with considerably less loft. The design makes it easier for women to get the ball off the tee. Since the club is lighter, it’s also easier to achieve better speed and distance.

4. Grips

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Since women’s hands are generally smaller than women’s, grips are designed to match. The average men’s club grip is midsize whereas the grips on women’s gear are much thinner and shorter. When a lady with small hands uses a man-sized golf grip, it can affect her performance in the game and make it harder to maintain a consistent grip.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure if you need a women’s or men’s grip, consider adding a few wraps of tape underneath your women’s grip. The tape essentially raises the grip without making it as high as a men’s standard grip. You can also add or reduce a few layers of tape as you adjust the grip to your swing.

5. Flexibility

The type of flexibility you need depends on your swing speed and strength. Ladies’ flex is usually designed for the slowest swinging players. It’s not uncommon for ladies to prefer a stiffer flex and then rather opt for one of the men’s options, so do take your time discovering your ideal option.

The current choices in shaft flexibility include the following:

  • Men’s regular: Use for swing speeds between 75 – 84 mph
  • Men’s stiff: Use for swing speeds between 84 – 93 mph
  • Male senior: Use for swing speeds between 60 – 75 mph
  • Ladies: Use for swing speeds less than 60 mph

6. Colour

While the colour of your club doesn’t affect your game in any way, it adds a bit of flair to a lady’s golf session. Ladies club options have grifts or shafts in a variety of colours. This is perfect for the fashion-conscious player who would like to coordinate her gear with her outfit!

Final Thought

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It’s clear that there are significant differences between women’s and men’s golf clubs. For the most part, these differences stem from size and strength since the average man is stronger than most women. However, women may feel they’re strong enough to comfortably wield a men’s club around for 18-holes.

Knowing more about your options now, opt for the clubs you feel comfortable with!