Luxury Home Must-Haves-The Ultimate Checklist


The epitome of a high-end home is defined by features and amenities that make you experience ultimate comfort. Luxury abodes create decadent residences that will intrigue you as a savvy homeowner. Since you are paying top dollar to own a luxury home, it is crucial to ensure it has top desirable features and amenities.

You want to settle for a home that offers an extreme extravagance lifestyle for you and your family. It should have unique finishes, such as incorporating rare stones, for instance, Montemerano Classico, Bianco Maremma, and Etrusco. The private villa, modern mansions, or penthouse skyscraper should have the following essential amenities:

Open Floor Plans


An ideal luxury home should have a wow factor in its interior design features. One important thing to consider is an airy open floor design with an expansive entryway. The floor design should have a flow that rhymes with the rest of the home’s interior design.

Open floors with modern architectural designs offer convenience in luxury homes. Since it has fewer walls, you can move more quickly in the room and allows more natural light to illuminate your home. Also, an open floor design creates an illusion of a bigger space and makes an excellent transitional space that connects the outdoor to the indoor area.



Modern houses are now adopting intelligent technology to enhance the opulent lifestyle for homeowners. In terms of technology, savvy homeowners are looking for emerging trends in intelligent home automation. Innovative technology allows you to digitally control your appliances, cameras, and other electronic devices.

Some of the prevalent intelligent home technologies to look out for include:

  • Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras
  • Motion detector lighting
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smoke detectors
  • Smart locks

These wireless automation devices allow you to monitor and control devices in your home remotely. Typically, you can lock your doors, close and open curtains, or regulate the internal home temperature using your smartphone.  You should be proactive in finding out if a luxury home can offer recent home technology trends.

Modern Kitchen


The kitchen serves multiple uses beyond being a place for preparing meals. In most homes, the kitchen is a family and guest gathering place and command center.  Investing in premium kitchen designs is integral if you are looking for timeless beauty and functionality.

The space of a kitchen in a luxury home should be functional and have modern appliances. An affluent kitchen should have beautiful Bianco Maremma finishes from Saturnia, wine fridges, and modern cabinets. You can also consider investing in a luxury home with an outdoor kitchen that is cozy and has modern amenities.


A desirable high-end home should have a secret location offering robust security and privacy. If you desire a luxurious life, you should select a home in a desirable neighborhood that provides your home exclusivity.

Others to consider when selecting an ideal location are proximity to essential amenities such as hospitals, schools, transport, and shopping malls. Typically, if you intend to resell your high-end property after few years, a good location will increase the resale value of your home.

Spa Bathroom


A spa bathroom has an intensified relaxing effect on your body; it relieves tension conceivably.  Since a bathroom serves numerous functional elements such as cleaning and relaxing, selecting a spa bathroom helps create a stylish personal oasis.

A high-end spa bathroom contains soaking tubs, walk-in showers, modern décor, and sophisticated finishes.  Luxury homes should have elegant bathrooms that provide an ultimate lifestyle for all upper-class homeowners.

Game and Theatre Spaces


Game and theatre spaces allow you, friends, and family to enjoy your favorite games together. You can also entertain your friends and family in these recreational spaces.  A luxury home should have dedicated areas for games and theatre to ensure you enjoy a luxurious life.

The game spaces can either be indoor or outdoor. They should also have desirable elements such as liquor storage and television. Basketball courts, sports bars, or pools are prevalent in most high-end real estate property.

You can buy a property with ample space, allowing you to expand the entertainment areas for you and your family. Bring all fun to your home by investing in high-end properties with expansive playing areas.

Beautiful Landscape


A magnificent landscape is a jewel of all luxury homes.  A suitable property should have private terraces, balconies, and unique landscaping features.  If you envision an outdoor space with detailed architecture and unique design characteristics, luxury homes should offer modern exterior functionality.

The outdoor space is an extension of your home and varies from just an open outdoor space to an oasis that offers a peaceful and quiet environment. You can also select a home with an outdoor pool for your family, friends, and guests.

Master Suite Bedroom


A bedroom is a private sanctuary where you relax and create some of the most intimate memories. It should have ample space to fit a massive bed and have plenty of sitting area.  The inclusion of innovative home technology in the bedroom, such as remote control lighting and climate control, makes it worth investing in.

A master suite bedroom contains modern amenities and architectures that are aesthetically appealing.  The private abode should have the following significant features:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Private office
  • Adequate sitting space
  • A private balcony
  • A foyer
  • A massive closet
  • Fireplace
  • Wine storage area
  • Heated flooring
  • Controlled lighting
  • Waterfall showers

If you want a luxurious lifestyle, ensure you invest in a property with a master suite bedroom that contains premium and high-end features. Though, you may have to spend extra dollars to enjoy a luxurious life. However, if the bedroom does not have all the desirable bedroom elements, ensure there is ample room for customization.

Key Takeaway

Luxurious homes have an irresistible aura that exudes sophistication and makes your home feel comfortable and effortless. If you are looking for an elegant home with plentiful amenities and premium features, ensure you invest in a property with the above features.

However, to ensure you invest in the right property, you must scrutinize a new property and make sure it has the top features you most desire.