Is There Any Difference Between Regular And Bathroom Mirrors


Sooner or later, we all have to renovate our bathroom, and we do, many things need to be done. But everything else on the side, there is always a need to purchase a new mirror for our bathroom. But even if you are not planning on a total renovation, changing the mirror can be an amazing method to refresh the look of our bathroom. The problem is that there are so many choices possible out there. A lot of people are also confused by the next question, is there any difference between regular and bathroom mirrors?

There are many bathroom mirror types, and it can get a bit complicated for those people who are not familiar with this topic. So if you already know what kind of mirror you want, just check out BricoValera. But if you would like to learn more about this issue first, simply continue reading.

So, a lot of people think that all mirrors are the same and that any of them can go into any room. But that is not true. Of course, no one can stop us from using whatever mirror we feel like it, but there is a reason why that isn’t done. First of all, there are security reasons. The mirrors in the bathroom are required to be made from a specific type of glass that is stronger and more resilient than usual, and that makes it unlikely to break. Making them is a bit more complicated than when it comes to regular ones, and it involves extraordinary biochemical methods before the procedure is finished. Even when it is smashed into pieces, they are different and less dangerous. They are not sharp, but tiny rounded pieces.

That means that it is much less likely for us to be injured by them. A lot of people understand that mirrors are created when a thin reflective layer is placed upon glass, so it must be of quality. No one wants to create a potential danger for themselves and their loved ones, so there is no reason to save some money by buying a regular mirror. You might think that would never happen to you. But that is what everyone believes until it happens to them. Mishaps are precisely that, something that we didn’t expect but can happen to all of us.

It is not just the question of safety, and there are other reasons as well


That special glass that is used for bathroom mirrors is less inclined to become oily and misty. We have all been there. After we finished a bath and the temperature in the room has changed because of the water. Then we want to use the mirror, but we can’t see anything in it. That is how normal ones behave, but not the ones that were specifically designed for the bathroom. Long story short, if someone wants to use the mirror and the bathroom one after the other, it would be best to have adequate equipment.

So now you know about the key differences between various types of mirrors. But if you are interested in purchasing one, there are still things you should understand. One of them is regarding the size. How big should it really depend on the purpose it serves. If it is above the sink, it should not be broader than it, and that is why it is often a great idea to buy a sink and a mirror that goes over it together. Since both of them are a part of the same team, so to speak. But that is width. What about the height of it? Here, we should look at our own height and others that will use it on a daily basis. Generally speaking, the center of a mirror should be directly in front of our eyes.

Another great advantage that those mirrors can have is that they can come with additional benefits


What we would suggest to anyone are those that have a medicine cabinet as a part of them. Now medicines are definitely something that we could store in there, and that is a great idea. Principally if it is a bit higher, that would make it outside of the reach of small children. But there are so many other things we could keep there, especially those that we use in a bathroom anyway. Deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, aftershave, and many other items, the list just goes on. That is simply a privilege that none of us should pass since it makes life easier in so many ways.

There are so many other types of bathroom mirrors that serve different purposes or provide various gains


For instance, we have a wall bathroom mirror. The most common ones are usually circular or square. They are very easy to place in our bathroom and can fit in pretty much any style we might have. Another possibility that you can contemplate is having a double mirror.

That is particularly popular with those of us that have two sinks, but it is an option for those who just have a large vanity unit. What is also a great design, is having a LED lights either on the sides or on top of the mirror. That can be of huge assistance to us, especially in the evening, but also in general. Makeup, for example, can demand more precision, and good lighting is crucial in those situations. Sometimes the regular light isn’t enough. That is when these little additions can really make a difference.

As we have seen, differences between regular and bathroom mirrors definitely exist. Well, at least when it comes to the quality ones. There are special requirements that the ones in the bathroom should abide by. Furthermore, bathroom mirrors tend to bring many benefits to us that regular just don’t have. So if you are considering renovating your bathroom, you should unmistakably give all of this before making any final decisions. In the end, they simply bring too many perks to us to ignore them.