Makeup Trends for 2024 Will Be All About Matte Skin and Color-Blocking 

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Makeup trends in 2024 will bring back the basis, unlike the beauty trends in 2019 which were all about the excess. An inspiring makeup artist from Dior, Ricky Willson showed three looks which became popular on Pinterest boards. 

Liquid liner is used for all kinds of graphic colorful looks. Willson recommends tracing it with a powder brow pencil and covering with liquid eyeliner afterward. His clients quite often request sunset-colored eyelids. Before he starts building it, he likes to create a wash of smudged eyeliner on the lash base.

Then he covers that liner with the variety of shades, such as orange, gold, and copper. He wants to make it look undone. When it comes to the skin, he chooses to make it dewy, inspired by the K-beauty mirror skin trend which basically uses only drops of foundation mixed with glow serum. 

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Matte Skin 

Wilson thinks that previous trend will stay in the past. He expects matte skin to come back, with his favorite way to apply it. He likes to do it with a damp brush, starting in the center of the face.  

His favorite foundation right now is the Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation, which will be found in stores next month, with both matte and glowy skin finishes. He prefers matte looks because they look flawless, especially when other skin benefits are added in order to make it look more healthy.  

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Color-Blocked Eyes 

When it comes to eye-looks, he predicts that a more subtle version of the graphic eye will be the next hit. The main difference will be replacing the liner with shadows when creating the shape. Also, darker colors will be replaced with pastel and candy-color versions. He even named examples, such as a bit of green on the lid and pink shadow under the eyes. Another one is putting yellow on the lid with orange or green added on the lower lash line. For this trend, he recommends Dior’s spring shadow palettes. 

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3-D Lips  

Even though lip plumpers aren’t going anywhere, makeup artists suggest other ways of making the lips look bigger. Their solution is creating a volume on the bottom lip using lighter colors. After that, you are supposed to add a transparent lipgloss. For this look, products like the Dior Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer are recommended.