Makita Radio With Bluetooth: Your Personal Entertainer


Working on a busy building site or house furniture repairs can become quite boring activity due to the monotony of many processes. However, there is a device that will not let you get bored no matter what you are doing.

The solution is Makita radio Bluetooth.

Cordless Makita radio is the best entertainment available to everyone for use in performing completely different processes in diverse conditions.

Key Features of Cordless Bluetooth Radio


Today, there are 44,000 radio stations in the world. Radios, along with mobile phones, are some of the most accessible technologies, covering 70% of the world’s population. Radio takes the listener on a journey through emotion and excitement. This is what connects radio with consumers. It is not just content – it is a product built on a carefully crafted story.

One of the main features of the radio is its universality. Thus, people can use the radio to listen to music, find out the latest news, inquire about the weather, listen to interviews or entertainment programs, etc.

Scientists keep predicting the end of the radio, but, again and again, these predictions fail because the radio is an adaptable technology in the market and continues to fill niches for consumers.

One of the reasons why radio is still popular is the constant development of the industry and updates of the usual device. Today, the most demanded model of the radio is a cordless Bluetooth one.

The working principle of this radio model is based on the use of such a type of wireless connection as Bluetooth technology instead of traditional radio waves. The point is that the use of radio waves as the main wireless connection type has one significant disadvantage – it is necessary to use a special transmitter to connect to any device via a USB port. Meanwhile, Bluetooth easily solves this problem.

For example, Bluetooth radio allows users to stream music right from their smartphones without the use of any additional devices or wires.

It is interesting that Bluetooth technology also uses radio waves, but radio communication is carried out in the license-free ISM band (2.4-2.4835 GHz). Bluetooth uses a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). This method is easy to implement, provides resistance to broadband interference, and also has a low cost of components.

Bluetooth is a relatively new data transmission technology, which is more flexible and versatile than classic radio waves. When transmitting digital data and an audio signal and different coding schemes are used, the audio signal is not repeated, and digital data will be retransmitted if the information packet is lost.

New Makita Radio Bluetooth


Makita is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in the world. The Japanese corporation is well-known in the international market due to the following benefits:

  • Large selection of goods and accessories
  • Solid materials
  • Durable mechanisms
  • Great customer support service

One more important advantage of the company is its constant development and upgrade of the goods catalog. Thus, such a reputable power tool provider as Makita could not miss the possibility to meet customers’ requirements and give up on the idea of Bluetooth radio production.

So, today, Makita radio DAB models are the most popular positions among all Bluetooth radios presented on the market.

Although there are different versions of Makita radio Bluetooth, all models have common advantages:

  • Longevity
  • Shock-proof
  • Easy to clean

If you are confused with a large number of positions and do not know where to start choosing, it is recommended to pick sound quality as the first criterion.

When it comes to the radio, which you only can listen to, the sound quality is, of course, a priority. Obviously, Makita provides great quality sound in all manufactured radio models, but there are differences in clarity and volume. These are the sound characteristics you should pay attention to when choosing.

It is necessary to consider the conditions and location where you are going to use the radio. For instance, if you are working on a noise construction site, it is reasonable to select a radio model, which assures the loudest sound.

Radio characteristics that you should also take into account are subwoofer bass, water protection, and dust and dirt protection.

Remember that you always can ask Makita consultants for help. They know exactly what type of Bluetooth radio you need to significantly advance your workflow.

One more essential detail about the Makita radio with Bluetooth technology is that this is a Makita DAB radio. Let’s learn a little more about the DAB function.


DAB, which stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, is a next-generation broadcast that can provide data and ancillary multimedia services.

The idea of digital radio began to emerge in the late 80s, when it became clear that there was not enough space in the regular FM band for everyone — in large cities, the free spectrum in the 88-108 MHz range was exhausted. In this regard, DAB was considered a good alternative — it is a digital standard in which, due to more efficient coding, more stations can be placed.

Of course, the main difference between DAB and FM is that one is digital and the other one is analog. However, there are a lot of differences in the working principles as well. Thus, the principle of content transfer differs. In FM, each station broadcasts independently, while in DAB+, all stations are combined into a “multiplex,” each of which can have up to 16 stations. Different frequency channels are provided so that different countries can choose those that are free of other services.

From a technical point of view, the DAB+ multiplex is a wideband signal with a spectrum width of about 1.5 MHz, which is clearly visible with an RTL-SDR receiver.

The main advantage of DAB is a more efficient use of the spectrum, which allows more stations to be on the air. This makes it perfect for use in large cities.

All in all, Makita models of DAB radio with Bluetooth technology are great versatile devices, which are suitable for different sites and working conditions. Bluetooth assures the maximum comfort of use, and DAB radio allows you to get access to much more content.