Managed Services or Break/Fix Services? What To Choose?

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There are two types of IT service plans you can opt for that depends on the specific needs of your business. This decision should be carefully made, as only one of those will work for you at great effect. IT is something that cannot be overlooked by any business, no matter how small or big. IT is involved in day-to-day operations and businesses and organizations heavily rely on. But businesses who don’t want to open a separate IT sector choose a business model of hiring IT services for their IT needs. Those businesses that rely on day-to-day IT operations tend to go for managed IT services, while those who are less technologically driven choose break/fix services.

But what is the difference between the two? Which one to choose for your business? We will answer both questions in the article, so make sure to stick around.

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How Break/Fix IT Services Work?

This IT service model operates on the principle if something breaks, then you contact your IT service provider and they come and fix it. According to Hitstech, this IT model is pretty straightforward and it involves a few steps.

  • You have an IT problem such as computer virus, servers down, no internet connection, etc
  • You contact your IT service providers and you report the issue
  • On-site maintenance is then dispatched from the IT service provider or they work with you on the problem through the phone
  • The technician diagnoses the problem
  • The problem is resolved and you are billed for the work performed

This type of IT service model is only acceptable if:

  • Your business or organization rarely faces IT-related problems
  • Your budget can handle unpredictable IT problems and can cover for all types of IT problems
  • You have a dedicated IT department or a person tech-savvy enough to handle for IT problems, but not all

How Managed Service Work?

Managed IT services are different from a break/fix IT services. The main difference is that these services monitor your business or organization 24/7, 365 days a year. Another great thing about these types of services is that the problem is often times resolved before it even becomes a greater issue. Managed IT services are proactive, rather than reactive such as break/fix IT services.

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If you’ve employed a managed IT service provider if a problem occurs these are the steps they will take.

  • You have an IT problem
  • Your managed IT service provider is notified through their monitoring software before the problem becomes an issue
  • A technician straightaway diagnoses the problem, without alerting you
  • The issue is then resolved, hopefully before any larger problem occurs

This type of IT service model is only acceptable if:

  • You can afford predictable, fixed, monthly fees for IT service maintenance and support
  • If your business is willing to work 24/7 with another IT company through communications software, or phone
  • If your business wishes to decrease downtime of IT software and equipment that otherwise negatively impacts your business
  • If you’re willing to outsource most if not all of your IT needs to a separate company and focus on your own thing.