How to choose the best suit according to your body type?

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Have you ever seen a picture of a great suit, and wanted to buy it for yourself, but once you tried it on, it didn’t fit very well? The truth is that not all men have the same body type which is why a suit that looks great on one man will not look good on the other. In the following text, we are going to give you some tips on how to choose the best suit for you.

Ladies just love men in a well-tailored suit. If you already know what looks good on you check out to find the best suits you can get online. The most important thing when shopping for clothes is to mainly think about your body shape and not what is currently trendy. You have to feel comfortable and confident when walking the street or attending some event.

We are going to discuss 5 main body types, but you should also take your height and weight into consideration when shopping for new pieces of clothes.

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Some men have so-called ‘triangle’ body shape, which means that their hip and stomach area are wider when compared with the top part of their body. So it is important to make your body appear proportional. You can do this by wearing patterned blazers and fitted waistcoats because colors and details will steal the focus from the larger waist.  Also, vertical straps will create an effect that elongates your upper body making you look slimmer. You should also opt for jackets with structured shoulders that will broaden your shoulder and create a balanced image of your body.

We are moving on to ‘inverted triangle’ body type. Men who usually workout regularly and spend hours at the gym have this body shape where their shoulders and chest are significantly wider than their waist. If you are one of them, you should choose horizontal stripes that will wider your waist area and create symmetry. You can also wear slim-fit shirts and slim cotton polo shirts to attract attention to your fit body. In addition, you should avoid skinny jeans and opt for straight-leg jeans and trousers.

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Furthermore, there is a ‘rectangle’ figure meaning that the width of one’s shoulders is approximately the same as the width of his hips and waist. Men who have this body type should also wear horizontal stripes, especially across the upper torso because this way they will widen it. Layered outfits such as a buttoned shirt and a simple jumper will do wonders for their frame. If you want to focus the attention to your upper body, a scarf is a great way to do it. It will not only flatter your outfit, but they are also always stylish.

Moreover, men who are bigger and have ‘oval’ type of body should always opt for clothes that are going to make them appear a bit slimmer. For example, you should never get trousers that are too tight. It is always better if they are loose a little bit. In addition, make suspenders your new best friend. When choosing a shirt, make sure it is the right fit. You don’t want something that is too small and also too big that will broaden your entire figure.

Lastly, there is ‘trapezoid’ shape (the waist area is a bit narrower than the chest area). When it comes to trousers, find the one that are close-fitting or get ones tailored especially for you. At all cost avoid baggy clothes. Also, you can choose between vertical stripes that will make you look a bit taller or patterns that will widen your torso. Pick the one you think looks better on you. In addition, opt for suit jackets that will make your waist look thinner and your shoulders ampler.

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All in all, we have discussed five body types and gave advice for each one of them. Think carefully about your body shape and start looking for the clothes that will hide flaws and emphasize the strong points of your figure.