ManyChat Bot Marketers See Increases in Conversion Rates

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ManyChat is the not so new, but remarkable way to increase traffic and customer service to your Facebook users by utilizing it through Facebook Messenger and allowing users to chat with a real-time solution bot. What’s more important, if you optimize your bot for your customers and your business, since every business is different, you can see that it can actually have a personality of its own and eventually help when it comes to your conversion rates. In this guide, we’ll explain a little bit about ManyChat and explain how it can greatly increase your traffic, subscribers, and even sales using ManyChat if you take the right course that can tell you how to make it work for you.

Increased Advertising

Using ManyChat, you can ensure that you not only add customizable options that allow it to respond to your customizers, but you can maximize advertising and avoid having to pay high prices for things like Facebook Ads and even Google Ads by implementing your own advertising on there. Not only that, but you can utilize things like automated responses using things that include your products in them (such as recipes, repair methods using your tools or software, etc.) and even increase SEO and backlinks so the customer will click for their solution that links to your page’s blog post or article which gives them instructions that use your products. The opportunities are endless.

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Why Facebook Messenger?

With well over half of the population using Facebook, about 90 percent of its users use the Facebook Messenger, whether it’s on their site or using their mobile devices. That being said, optimizing your Chatbot for Facebook Messenger, you can give it a personality so that when they reach out to you, the high amount of users can get a response that will satisfy their needs, which also leads into what we’re going to talk about in the next time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Support

Customer service and support are leading dominators on helping to increase conversion rates, and even click through rates so people will actually subscribe for services, purchase your products, and even visit your website. People want to talk to people, but when they’re talking to a bot, they also want it to make them feel like it was tailored just for them, so it has a personality. Therefore, with the right training, you can learn how to make sure your bot responds with your customers properly, including Gif’s, animations, and adding emotions to your Chatbot in order to make each customer feel like their conversation was tailored to each and every one of them.

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With Smart Bot Marketers, who can be found at, you can get the right training you need in order to maximize your returns and increase your conversion rates using your ManyChat bot. What’s even better, is that it costs a lot less than what the training is worth, and while many other people will charge you their full price, you can get an exceptional rates and spend less than using their courses which will actually teach you more on how to optimize your Chatbot for you, not just tell you what worked for them (many others also just give you the basics, which Smart Bot Marketers Doesn’t Do). By signing up for their ManyChat Course, you get access to exclusive content that can only be seen by users who are in it to win!