Medical tourism: The inclusive cultural tourism

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Do you ever wonder why medical tourism is suddenly the new black and stealing the spotlight from cultural tourism? Of course, nothing beats cultural tourism. After all, experiencing, on a first-hand basis, the miscellaneous cultures, the diverse cuisines, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the world, is unparalleled and a dream many long to accomplish. So, when medical tourism first emerged and skyrocketed in popularity in such a short period of time, many were left puzzled about the mysterious characteristics of this new sector of tourism that could compete with cultural tourism to win the wild hearts of the youth.

In short, medical tourism is cultural tourism with a medical objective. If you want us to elaborate more on the idea, then read along.

What is medical tourism

It is a sector of tourism where patients travel abroad to seek medical help at lower prices and contradicting quality.

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While a great portion of patients seeking professional help do it for health issues the vast majority, jump on the type of medical tourism for affordable cosmetic surgery abroad, given the procedures are scarcely ever covered by health insurance.

With such a broad list of countries to choose from, there ought to be a particularly attractive destination. In this case, the pioneer destination for medical tourism is Turkey, because of the many unique benefits the country provides.

What are the benefits of medical tourism in Turkey?

1- Affordable high-quality medical care

The primary motive of embarking on a medical tourism trip is the affordable high-quality medical care in countries like Turkey. Cosmetic surgery procedures are around 70% cheaper in the Eurasian country compared to Europe, without compromising on the quality.

Many opt for cosmetic procedures in Turkey because hospitals such as the Vera Clinic, offer services for international patients that address every issue patients could face. Service packages include a personal interpreter, airport pickup, a private driver, and a pre-booked 3-night stay at a 5-star hotel located in one of Istanbul’s finest areas.

With quick recovery procedures, patients choose to stay a few more days to tour around the exquisite country and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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2- Turkey’s unique culture

Previously the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey expanded its perimeters to include the parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. With such diverse cultures and ethnicities under one authority, the forced mingling added the element of polar diversity. A blend of Arab, oriental, and European. The result is exquisite architecture and monuments that have witnessed so much history, such as the church turned mosque Hagia Sophia, where a simple visit could spark intense feelings of nostalgia within your soul. Not to mention the grand bazaar, an underground market with hundreds of ramifying allies and infinite shops that openly display ethnic spices and deserts, as well as national attires and accessories. In addition to an irresistibly delicious cuisine that offers options for vegans and meat eaters alike. Recovering in Turkey is a dream.