An Introduction to Growth Hormone Treatment

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Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that our bodies produce, though the levels drop off at adulthood and fall precipitously late in life. There are many groups that sell, what they say is growth hormone, but legitimate therapy is only available through a doctor’s prescription. But, how do you get this treatment? And,when is treatment recommended?

How Human Growth Hormone Therapy Is Given

Any doctor can prescribe growth hormones, though it should only be given to patients with a legitimate
medical reason. For example, it is the default treatment for young adults with a growth hormone deficiency. Itis one of the few viable treatments for those with conditions that cause their muscles to waste away. The fact that it can rebuild muscle is one reason why it is sometimes touted as a weight loss solution, though it shouldn’t be used just for that reason. Don’t seek therapy from doctors who don’t know what they’re doing or don’t know your medical history.

You can’t afford the risk you may be taking with your health if this treatment is not right for you. For example, neither you nor your doctor should assume that your slowing metabolism and lack of energy levels are due to an adult-onset growth hormone deficiency before checking for more common conditions like pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease or a thyroid disorder. Only after the doctor has confirmed that you have age-related e deficiency should it be prescribed. You can find complete information on how to get high treatment if you check

Real therapy is given via injection. The injections should be given by a skilled doctor who does this regularly. The over-the-counter remedies claiming to contain HGH, may contain that hormone, but almost none of it will be absorbed through the digestive tract. Patients receiving treatment should be monitored. Most will feel fine, but a few have ill effects beyond nausea and discomfort at the injection site.

Misconceptions about Growth Hormone Therapy

You should be aware that doctors today provide a synthetic growth hormone. They don’t harvest HGH from the bodies of the dead anymore. This makes this hormone much cheaper, and it removes the ethical concerns about using HGH. When  given to patients, whether they’re suffering from dwarfism or want to fight with aging, is the exact same chemical that would be made by your body if it made enough of it. The artificially produced hormone is made with recombined human DNA, but there is no risk to you when you use it. If you are a woman of childbearing age, do not take this therapy while you are pregnant.

What May Prompt Someone to Seek Growth Hormone Therapy?

A child with growth far below the levels expected is a prime candidate for this treatment. Adults who may seek this therapy may suffer from weight gain, muscle loss, chronic fatigue, poor sleep or impaired mental function. A good doctor will check for problems like nutritional deficits, lifestyle diseases, and other hormonal imbalances before recommending this therapy.