Meghan Markle and Doria Ragland’s Relationship 

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Marriage by itself carries certain duties and obligations that make it difficult to balance between your life prior and during it. Well, things become even more complicated if you marry to a British royal. However, it seems that Meghan finds it easy to find the balance between her obligations as a princess and time that she spends with her mother, Doria Ragland.  

Doria Ragland 

The princess has stated on the several occasions that the only person in her life that she has absolute trust in is her mother, i.e. Doria Ragland. Even though there is not much info about her in the public and in the press, and she even avoids publicity, Doria is the foundation of Meghan’s stability and her greatest support. They are really close. We all know that Meghan practices yoga. Well, her mother should be thanked for that since she is a yoga instructor and she introduced Meghan to the world of yoga. It is very sweet and dear to mention that Doria calls her daughter “Flower”.  


In terms of official engagement of royals, they are considered to be official and according to rules. However, Doria meant a lot to Meghan and Meghan decided to go out of the protocol and to invite her to engagement.  


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And here is yet another curiosity about them: during the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry, the only family member that Meghan invited was her mother! However, this does not mean that she was the only one invited. Meghan has also invited her father since she wanted him to walk her down the aisle during her wedding in 2018. Unfortunately, Meghan’s father refused to do this and practically stood Meghan up so the only family member present there was Doria. As always, she was there to support her “Flower”. It is interesting to know that Prince Charles was the one, along with Doria, who walked Meghan down the aisle and he eve was polite enough to walk Doria out.  


The distance between the mother and daughter means noting since they have remained to be very close. However, this may change in the future. We all know that Meghan expects a baby and that she would need all the help she has, and it is her mother that she has most trust and confidence in. in order to have help with the baby, Doria is planning to move to the GB and be closer to her daughter and grandchild. This may go even further since there are some rumors that Meghan and Harry may even ask Doria to be the constant help to Meghan with the child and when Meghan is not present. Practically, this would mean that Doria would be a nanny to her grandchild.  


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We are all aware of the fact that royal life brings some limitations and restricted behaviors that all members have to respect. However, Meghan’s relationship with her mother is the thing that breaks all the customs.